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SUYL...Meet Lauren! Trust want to!!

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner Blog is hosting a special "show us your life" series. Today's link up is "Show Us Your Singles!" Seem odd? Maybe. But, there have been NINE couples meet through this venue who are either married or engaged. There are even three "SUYS" babies (post marriage, of course). 

I joined in on one a few years back for my friend, David. Nothing came of it for him...but there was a lot of interest (ill come back and link in a bit). He is amazing & will be the BEST catch...hopefully someone just as amazing. 

Anyway. Back today. Today is all about LAUREN!!! 
Lauren & I met when I "hired" her to be a counseling intern while I was working at ChristianWorks. I remember that interview well (even what she was wearing), but never did I expect her to have such an amazing roll in my life 4 years later. 
Lauren is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). She went to Texas A&M for her undergrad and is an Aggie through and through (I can hear her saying "gig em" as she reads this). She went to grad school at Dallas Theological Seminary and is technically an ordained minister! She has lived in Texas most of her life, but also lived in North Carolina for a while working on a youth ministry team for a church there. She came back to Texas and has been working as a counselor since then. She is wonderful at what she does and her clients are so blessed by her. She specializes in working with adolescents and teenagers and has a passion for working with young ladies. 

She volunteers her time at Camp Erin DFW and does a GREAT job making connections w/ the grieving camper and families that they truly cherish.  Through CE, she was able to meet my dad & sister. I love how much she just fits w/ my people (more on this in a bit)! My dad really took to her & that means a lot to me!! He was even trying to play match maker this past summer. Bless it!! 
It was Lauren who pushed and prodded and did a LOT of work to get our private counseling practice (Campbell Counseling Group) up & running!! If it weren't for her, it would have never happened...and would prob not be functioning!! Getting started was one of the toughest things, and still has its challenges, but we had so much fun building it from the ground up & are so proud of what it's become! She is such a hard worker!!  

It was also Lauren who finally convinced my husband to cut off his child molester hair!! It took a little friendly bet...but she won and I am forever grateful!!! 

Truly, though, one thing I love the most is how Ben really enjoys being around her. He doesn't always enjoy all of my friends (sorry friends!), but he never rolls his eyes or "scoffs" when I say that Lauren is coming over or that we are hanging out. She just FITS with us and no one feels like a third wheel (her or Ben). Ben really feels comfortable w/ her and is his true self around her. He enjoys being around her and genuinely laughs at/with her/us and that makes my heart happier than I can express in words!!!!
Really, I love that all of my friends love her. Every time I invite her along w/ some of my other friends, a new friendship is formed...and she fits right in!  (Sorry Amber...but I love this pic)
Lauren is a wonderful friend and the number of friendships that she has attests to that!!  She was the person that I saw the most while on 11 weeks of bed rest. She just dropped by, brought dinners/lunches/slushes, brought movies & magazines. In fact...she started doing that at the beginning...she came and relieved my boredom after the embryo transfer. Back when I thought 3 days of bed rest was hard. Ha! She kept me entertained!
She threw our gender reveal party & was the first person to know that Finleigh was a girl. She cried when she opened the envelope! She was there when I decided to "give in" to Ben and name the baby Finleigh.
She is the only person, besides family, that had permission to come see us at the hospital the day Finleigh was born. We wanted to have a day w/ family only...but Lauren was include in that list! When she first came, the baby was in the nursery b/c she was having trouble breathing. So she didn't even get to see the baby & had to go see clients. Later that night, she called and said "I'm driving home and I really want to see the baby. Is there time?" There was about 15 minutes left of "visitor hours" so she ran in and got to hold my sweet Finleigh for about 10 minutes on her birthday!! I love that. 
I love how much she loves my daughter! She was there for Finn's & my first outing alone (my first time driving in 15 weeks or so!), for her first girl's night, Finn's first public blow out... ;) 

She has so many special people & kids in her life. She is YaYa, Aunt Lu, Auntie Lu, LuLu and so many other names to so many special kids!! 
None, however, compares to her new love...her first nephew, William. 
What a lucky little guy!!! She got to meet him for the first time last weekend & she came back (from DC) just beaming!! 
Lauren works with the teen ministry at her church (Watermark) & I know is a blessing to the high school girls in her group. She gets a lot of joy from working with them & I know she is a blessing to them!! 
I love & so respect how involved she is in her church! At a large church, like Watermark, it's easy to "blend in" and punch your card...but that's not what Lauren is about. She is involved in the ministry team, with the teen girls, with her small group, and countless other things that the church has to offer. 
Lauren LOVES Colorado and I am forever jealous of the time that she spends there...especially on the slopes!! 
She is an AVID sports fan!! She is forever getting alerts on her phone from ESPN. She spends many Saturdays cheering on her teams...Ahem, team...with a group of friends. Or alone. Either way, she screams and cheers! This girls loves her sports...always has apparently! ;) 

She has spent her last few birthdays in Honduras on mission trips building houses: 
Lauren is full of life, loves people, and loves The Lord. What more could anyone want, right?!? Well, there is so much more to get to know...but those three things are more important! There are so many things that I love and respect about Lauren...too many to list. 
Lauren loves Texas more than anyone I've ever met. She is "that Texan" but with an even extra dose of Texas pride thrown in. Ha! I love her in spite of it...we did take her back to West Monroe for a weekend and she admitted that she enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. Ha!  That was big, folks! 

(I do applaud her for keeping calm & staying composed when Jase Robertson sat behind us at church...I knew she was dying on the inside, but she kept a calm exterior through the whole thing! When we got in the car she may have needed a moment to compose herself. Ha!) Just another Sunday at WFR! Ha!!)   ;) 
Yes, David and Lauren have met...and no, I don't know why they are both still single...
I DO know that The Lord has an AMAZING plan (for both of them (and Steph...lots of good singles to choose from in that last pic!!)) and that his ways are perfect!!!!! I'm ready to see what her "immeasurably more" is going to look like. Figuratively and literally.   :) 

SO...if you are reading this and have the perfect guy for Lauren (or ARE the perfect guy for Lauren). PLEASE leave a comment w/ contact info. I'm excited to see God do amazing things for Lauren & her future. She's going to be the most amazing wife & mom one day. 

Make it soon, Lord! 

And one last pic...just for Laure/Auntie Lu:

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Emily Powell said...

My brother is #53. Athletic (bikes, rugby, sails) and loves to dance :)

Katie said...

My brother is wonderful :). I would love tell you about him. Please email me at His name is Travis and lives in Houston area. He's 34.

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