Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I'm so excited to be joining Faith's Christmas Card Carousel!! 

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We have spent many years waiting to be able to join in the fun of sending Christmas cards w/ family pics on them. This year turned out a little crazy, though! 

We were supposed to have Finn's 6-month pics made the week before Thanksgiving. I had her outfits picked & we were ready. Mother Nature was not on our side, though, and it was in the 30s the day of the shoot (Northern friends, hush your mouths!), so it was rescheduled. And rescheduled. The weather here just seems to go crazy on days that we schedule pictures! Ha! 

We JUST had these pics done this past Sunday. As in 3 days ago. I proofed he card on Monday & the photographer assures me that I will have them tomorrow! SO...I'm not linking to this blog, yet, and if you so happen to be reading, please enjoy the sneak peek!! Tomorrow we also finish her 6 month pics. We didn't have time to do them all on Sunday, so we focused on family shots and Christmas card shots. 

I LABORED over picking a design and obsessed  about it for a few days. I had in my mind what I wanted, I just kept coming across other cute ones. FINALLY I came back to this one. I realized that I could only send this particular design THIS year & the rest would still work on the years to come. I can always make a card that says "joy" or "merry and bright" but I also didn't want it to say "babies first Christmas" as we have a lot of that going on right now. I found this one, made a few tweaks and I am officially IN LOVE and OBSESSED with how they turned out. SO, blog world and imaginary friends...Merry Christmas to you all & I pray blessing on your New Year. 

Here is your official "virtual" card--to your family from ours: 


Faith said...

This is absolute perfection!!! It thrills my heart to see your beautiful family of three on your card this year! Love the pic of y'all on the back. Such sweetness!!

Thanks for joining in the fun!! I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!

Laura Ann said...

Love your family picture, such a sweet moment! Stopping by from CCC linkup, Merry Christmas!

Kelly Slater said...

So sweet! Have a great Christmas with your adorable family!


Natasha said...

Now that it's post-Christmas I have time to catch up on this carousel :)

I love the words "Her First Noel." So sweet!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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