Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Call me "Ma Ingalls"

"Little House on the Prairie" was and continues to be on of my all time favorite shows!  I watched ALL of the time growing up and even had my own Laura Ingalls bonnet that I played dress-up in.  In college, it came on in the mornings and we would watch while we got ready for our morning classes (or chapel at 9).  We never got to watch the whole episode, so on the walk to class/chapel, I would fill in my comrades of the rest of the story line.The joke became that I knew which episode it was simply based on the opening music.  It's kind of true.  To this day, I can read the guest stars and the character they are playing and figure out which episode its going to be. 

It's a gift.

This blog isnt really about the show, though!  I find myself saying the phrase "I make my own" a lot more lately.  Makes me feel like a pioneer-woman,  but I didnt want to use that name on the blog b/c I'm a fan of THIS Pioneer Woman & her blog! A pioneer woman, I NEVER could be...but if you look through my kitchen, you will see a lot more of this lately:
Thanks to Pinterest and being raised more on the crunchy/granola side, I find myself more and more into making my own products, especially since Finleigh's been around.  I just like the idea that I know specifically what is in the products and most of them are a LOT cheaper to make.  

Here are some of the products I make at home:
-diaper wipes/makeup removing wipes
-diaper cream/lotion/face wash
-laundry detergent
-dish washing detergent
-deodorant (I'm on the fence w/ this one)
-cream of __ soup mix
-dry ranch mix
-teething cream (my newest venture)
-miracle grow
-dry shampoo

I've got a few posts planned to go through how to make some of the products listed.  If you'd like more info on a specific one, just ask! 

I'll start this one with the diaper wipes.  I am not necessarily anti "real" wipes.  In fact, you will find a package in the top drawer of the dresser that is her changing table.  I keep them handy so that I have them when I run out of the homemade ones and I also keep them in my diaper bag. I am not a fan of so many ingredients being used, but I am for convenience!  I started using this recipe because it just seemed like it would be a way that we could save some dough, but I keep using it b/c we love it.  I love how much better it is for her!  I took several recipes that I found on Pinterest and mixed them together...also mixing w/ a few tricks that I knew about some of these products.

Remember when I was on bed rest for 11 weeks and had WAY TOO MUCH time on my hands?
Me, too.

Here are the players:
-bounty select-a-size paper towels
-baby wash (I use some from The Honest Company, but will be using Mustella after I run out of this  
(I'm not a fan of how they have gone after mom-blogger The Honest Toddler & they have lost my business)
-unrefined coconut oil
-tee tree oil
-vitamin E caps (or'll just need the liquid inside)
-warm water

 I bought my containers at Tar -get.  I found a package of three black metal canisters and the big one is the PERFECT size for wipes. I use the smallest one for the diaper cream that we will talk about in another post.
Start by slicing a roll of Bounty Select-a Size paper towels in half:
Pull the middle cardboard roll out and place in your container, cut side down (I just bend the cardboard in half and it pulls out easily.  Some people wait until it gets wet & soggy):
Heat 1 1/2 Cup of water:
To the water add:
-1 1/2 TBSP baby wash
-1 1/2 TBSP oil (some use baby oil, some use olive oil, we like coconut oil)
-a couple of drops of Tee Tree Oil (keeps the wipes from mildewing)
-2-ish vitamin E capsules (poke a hole in them and empty into the mixture)

Pour this mixture over the wipes and rotate the container rolling it on it's side and flipping upside down to distribute the liquid.  If you find that it is too liquid-y or too dry, simply adjust the ammt of water to 1 cup or 2 cups and adjust the soap and oil to 1 or 2 TBSPs.

Place by the baby's diaper changing station and pull from the middle.  We have only good things to say about these wipes and have not found anything negative, yet!
I also use these occasionally to wash my face.  I use the diaper cream as my face wash now (next post), but when I dont want to take the time to do that process, I grab one of these wipes and wash my makeup off and splash some water over my face to rinse. They work great! Try them and let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Is your dish detergent for hand washing or dishwasher? If hand washing, I want to know it! Also the cream of ___ soups - I HATE the canned stuff & the organic stuff I feel okay with is almost $4/can - crazy.


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