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Two Weeks in Heaven. And Hell...Part II

You can catch up on PART ONE of the story HERE.
What do you mean to tell me that its just you & me?!?!
  We left off with me being diagnosed w/ pneumonia on Monday, my mom leaving on Thursday, Sister & Bryson coming on Thursday, Finn's 2 week appt on Friday and we walked into the house...

As soon as we walked in, Michelle said "Bryson is throwing up, we are going to leave."  She was supposed to stay until Sat morning, when she would be leaving to head to Houston to drop Bry off for my mom to keep for a few weeks. As soon as the initial "holy crap what do we do?" wore off, I figured that he had already been in the house overnight...and already in the baby's face (note pic in last post), so if it were contagious, we had already been exposed.  PLUS, there was no way I was going to MAKE her leave and drive 4 hours if he was throwing up!  We canceled our plans to go shopping that day and just hung out at home.  He threw up one more time which included my carpet's first (but not last, I'm assuming) inauguration.  Bryson seemed to be better by the afternoon, so we went to Sonic for drinks and to Target.  By the end of the Target trip, Bryson was crying out in we headed back home.  We were still assuming/hoping that it was something he had eaten.

That night, Lauren came over for Finleigh's first girl's night. Again, we assumed it was something he had eaten.  Girls night was a lot of fun, but later into the evening Bryson started crying out in pain from his stomach, again.  The next morning, they left for Houston as scheduled.

Girl's Night...we do things wild & crazy over here!
 We went on with our day with no issues & I went to get a pedicure and then we took a family trip to Target where we bought Lysol to spray down everything in the house.  

I woke up sometime early Sunday morning to the sounds of Ben losing every ounce of anything that was in his stomach.  I asked him if he needed anything and then proceeded back to the bedroom where I called my mother...bawling.  Now we KNEW it was a virus and my not-yet-three-week-old was living in it.

Ben continued to get sick throughout the day.  He took over the bedroom and Finleigh and I hung out in the living room all day.  This was supposed to be the day of Ben and I working together to make me feel independent...and here I was just THROWN into it.  I SO wanted to nurture and take care of my husband, but my number 1 goal was to keep my baby healthy and away from the germs.

I would like to say that I was so strong this day...but that is SA FAR from the truth.  I would just look at the baby and BURST into tears.  Like, sobbing tears.  I was TERRIFIED that she was going to get sick and TERRIFIED that I was alone with her.  I didnt think I could take care of her by myself.  Who could I call?  Who would want to come to the germ infested house? I really just sat in the rocker w/ her and slept off and on all day.  I fed her & made sure that I ate.

Late that night, my friend, Leah, texted to check on us.  She had texted throughout the day and said to let her know if we needed anything.  By 9 or so that evening, I was a mess.  Here is our text exchange:
THANK THE LORD for friends who are willing to come sit in my germ infested house and hold the screaming baby while I took a shower.  I am tearing up now just being SO grateful for friends who just say "on my way" with no questions.  I was A MESS...and that is putting it lightly.  She sat w/ me while I ate dinner, held Finleigh while I showered, and then stayed a while as I held Finleigh while she screamed (she had tummy issues of her own early on...and 10-11 PM seemed to be her "witching hour" where she just SCREAMED).  That night, I slept on the couch w/ Finleigh right next to me in her rock & play.

I slept until sometime EARLY the next morning when I went running to the bathroom to lose everything in my stomach.  Yep...mamma down.

Ben, who had been feeling better later in the day came to check on me and took over baby duties.  I went to climb in bed and continued to be sick for a while.  Ben had already taken off of work to give himself a day to get better & I am SO glad he did.  Now I understood Bryson's crying out in pain.  This stomach virus had the WORST cramps with it.  I was crying out in was bad.  I stayed in our room Monday and Ben was on full daddy duty.  I am sure that he was much more emotionally stable than I was the day before.  HA!
I dont even know how many times I called my mom during these few days.  There was nothing she could do, though.  She was taking care of Bryson, who got sick again on Tuesday.

Ben took off work on Tuesday and we worked together to take care of ourselves and the baby.  We had AMAZING friends who dropped off cokes and chicken broth at our doorstep.  We felt so loved...yet so isolated. ha!  We were on the mend...or so we thought.

I knew that Bryson had gotten sick again on Tuesday...and I woke up Wednesday to Ben getting sick AGAIN.  I totally lost it at this point!!!  How much more could we handle...because I was institutional.

I had an appt on Wednesday w/ Dr Casey as a follow up for my pneumonia.  I couldnt drive myself, yet, and Ben coudnt take me.  SO, I called Leah and she drove Finleigh and I to Dr Casey's.  She sat downstairs with Finleigh while I saw the dr.  Everything was good w/ me pneumonia wise, but she reiterated how scared she was for me the week before and how bad off I really was.  I didnt really care at this point & told her that I needed drugs & explained Bryson, Ben, & my previous week. She called in phenegran for us & I picked it up on the way home.

Here's the problem with makes you SLEEPY...and I knew just how sleepy & out of it I was going to be when taking it.  We decided to switch off.  Since Ben had been sick that morning (he was much better as the day went on & never got sick again), he took the first dose & pretty much passed out for a few hours.  I took one a little bit later that night & got some good sleep.  Wednesday night, Ben said that he just took the rest of the week off from work...he would do some work at home on Th and Fri.  This was supposed to be my first week home alone w/ the baby & somehow I had gotten out of that.

Thursday, we both felt better...just weak.  We LIVED on chicken broth, coke, applesauce, toast, crackers, and eventually potatoes.  That is ALL we ate Monday-Friday.

On Thursday, we were both nauseated off & on, but definitely on the mend!  In the evening, Ben started feeling queasy again, so he took a phenegran a little before we were headed to bed.

Finleigh was looking SUPER cute in her "For this child I prayed" onesie (that I bought in Canton just before finding out I was pregnant...when I thought that I WASNT pregnant).
 Not 20 minutes after Ben took a dose of phenegran, Finleigh was sitting in her bouncy seat and had her first diaper blow out.  Out the front & back of her diaper.

I lost it.  LOST IT.

We clean her up & give her a bath...and then I call my mom.  Crying.  Of course.


I was TERRIFIED that she was getting sick.  TERRIFIED.  This stomach virus was SO painful & it just broke me to imagine her in so much pain.  I called her pediatrician's office and talked to the nurse on call.  I explained that we had been sick & that she had just had a massive/runny diaper.  She was GREAT and told me what to look for with Finleigh, assured us that babies were resilient, and that they werent so much concerned w/ the diaper as much as being dehydrated.  I was on edge ALL night.  Analyzing all of her spit up (which has always been a LOT) and diapers.  I still wasnt allowed to drive & Ben had just downed the meds that would soon knock him out.  If she did get would we get to the hospital?

Oh goodness...the next few days were spent in CONSTANT prayer for Finleigh!  She was having so many tummy issues anyway, it was tough to tell if she was getting sick or not.  We second guessed EVERYTHING.

By Friday night, we were feeling SO much better...but like aliens.  We had not been around people all week & we were starting to go crazy!  We got up Saturday and went to Lily Kate's 3rd Birthday party, which was a beach theme.  Although little miss wasnt getting in the water...she wore her bikini anyway!  I think we sat at the party like lumps on a log.  We were SO out of it still, but it was great to be around others...even if we were nervous for anyone to breathe on the baby.  HA!  
Once this week was over, we were able to get back into the swing of our "new normal" life.  The following Monday, was my first day at home alone with Finleigh and we were more than ready at this point!!  She turned 4 weeks old this week, too.

These were the longest few weeks of my life...we felt SO much JOY in our new daughter.  We were euphoric with every new thing that happened with her.  BUT, we felt satan's attack at trying to steal our joy at every turn!  

It was miserable...but we were in heaven.

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