Friday, September 13, 2013

There's a First Time for Everything

First family picture
Ben's first diaper change
First pacifier & first blanket

First time for Ben to feed a baby

First morning to wake up w/ her

First bow!

First family date night!
First kisses from Rustee
First night in her new bed. TINY baby in a BIG ol' bed!
First time to use stroller
First family walk
First bath at home

First Memorial Day

First trip to the Drs office (mom's Brithday!)

First outing.  Fuzzy's Taco.

First Outing.  First trip to Tar get.
First time to meet Emme.
First time to meet cousin Bryson
First shots  Bless.
First lunch w/ Auntie Lou.  Mom's first time to drive (since before bed rest)

Mom & Dad's first date night...on their anniversary!

First Sunday at church!

First trip to Dad's office.

First newborn photo shoot.  Where she screamed and the pee'd on mom!

First 4th of July
First 4th/fireworks

First smile!!

First time swimming!
1st time swimming (at Mrs Brenda's).
First time in a hotel.  I just love this pic of the swim diaper...even though this was her SECOND time swimming.

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