Thursday, May 16, 2013

Showering Blessings

When I was put on bed rest, my first goal (after leaving the hospital) was to get to 32 weeks.  At 32 weeks, we would be out of the critical stages if I were to have the baby...but it also meant BABY SHOWER!!!

Everyone kept asking "what about your shower?" and my reply was always that I was trying my hardest to get there.  My plan was to get there and sit w/ my feet up & let people come see me.  That's exactly what happened!  My shower was at my friend, Jana'a, house and was hosted by some sweet sweet friends!

Here are some pics:

YUMMY cake!!!

Wedding/shower cake is one of my FAVE things in life.

Corsages are hard.

Me w/ Finleigh's Grammie & Nana.

Sign in.

Leave a blessing, prayer, or advice.

SWEET hostesses & friends!

Courtney, Kara, Jana, Jaime, Sara, Shelly, Erin.

When on bed rest, this is how you sit during the shower.   Unaware of how it looks from the "audience" angle.  :(

Mrs Marilyn (and Donna) came from Mansfield...they are friends from WM, so it was GREAT to see them!!

When I was a little girl, I loved to sit and hand gifts to the moms/brides!

The gifts.  We are SO blessed & Finleigh is SO loved!!

Can't wait for her to wear this for next year's March Madness!!

I used to teach w/ Jackie and I was SO SO SO excited that she got to come!!!

Former LA all Texans.
Thank you SO much to everyone that came and helped give the shower!  We are truly blessed and SO SO SO excited for Finleigh to get here and use all of these goodies.  I am mostly excited for all of the love that she will get once she's actually here!!!

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drite said...

It was a blessing to be able to see you make this milestone. I can't wait to see those first pictures of you seeing that sweet baby for the first time. There's nothing like it! Prayers continue!

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