Saturday, May 18, 2013

Remember that time that I went to L&D? Twice?

Wait.  What?

That was this week?
Oh, yes, it has been quite an eventful week around here!

I think that there are times that I say things and God just LAUGHS and says "just wait."

Case in point...around the time of my shower, I made the comment that my belly didnt feel as big as I thought it would this late in my pregnancy.  Well, fast forward 4 weeks and I am regretting that statement and imaging God just chuckling as my belly continues to grow.  and grow.  and grow.
Another laugh? I made the comment to several people that even though this pregnancy has been crazy w/ the bed rest and all, it really has been uneventful.  When I look back, there is a LOT that has happened...but nothing super alarming.  Sure, I ended up in the hospital and on bed rest at 26 weeks,  but there has been no problems since then.  No after hours Dr calls.  No strange symptoms.  No contractions.  No freak out moments.  It's been an uneventful, yet eventful pregnancy!

Why is that funny?  Well, because this week has been anything BUT uneventful!  

I've been in Labor and  Delivery TWICE this week.

I was given permission to go to Mother's Day service at church on Sunday.  The perinatologist was hesitant, but we figured that it was not really that different than spending 2 hrs at Drs appts each week.  So, she allowed me to have one last "hoorah" before the baby comes.  It was such a special day...we were SO blessed to be there and I just enjoyed being back among groups of my people!  It was crazy to answer "10 days" when people asked us how much longer we had left! 

After church, I was DONE.  When we got home, I CRASHED and took a short nap.  Ben went and picked up Salt Grass steaks for lunch (complete w/ cheesecake)!  He then surprised me with the sweetest card (that made me tear up) and a spa package for a pregnancy spa day to use on the Tues before she is born (on Wed).  After that, I crashed again.

I had noticed on Sat that she didnt seem to be as active.  She didnt have her "party" on Sat night and then on Sunday I was being very conscious of her movements.  She had a few kicks, but not any of the consistent "drumming" patterns that are her normal.  So, around 10 that night, I drank some Hawaiian Punch, which normally makes her GO CRAZY.  An hour and a half later, I only had 2 movements counted.  At this point, we started talking about calling the OB on call. We waited a bit longer and finally called around 12:30.  The Dr (who didnt know the bed rest history) assumed that everything was OK, but told us to come on into L&D to reassure us.  So, it was close to 1 AM and we headed to the hospital.

I was so hesitant to go in.  I hate feeling like I'm causing "drama" and really didnt want to feel dumb if it was nothing.  Its a strange feeling of wanting it to be nothing for the baby's sake but also wanting to have a REAL reason for going to the hospital at 1AM.

It didnt take TOO long to register and we were taken back to triage and hooked up to monitors.  Her heart rate was found quickly, but it was a lot slower that it normally is.  

I'm telling you, this baby is normally CRAZY and when I am hooked up to the monitors each week at the Dr, her heart rate is usually 159 and goes UP as she kicks and goes crazy.  The nurse took all of our crazy history and information and at that point said that there was no uterus activity/contractions happening.  Although we had her heart rate, she wasnt having any "accelerations" that they want to see and I had only felt 1 movement since we got there.  So, she left me hooked up and I had a button to press when I felt her move.  The nurse came back in about 20 minutes later and said that I was now contracting every 2-3 minutes.  

Who knew?  

I sure didnt!  I've had what I could call Braxton Hicks, some tightening and shortness of breath, but ZERO pain...and I had only felt a small one during that 20 minutes.  Anyway, I stayed hooked up for about an hour and we finally logged 6 movements (in the last few minutes of that hour).  The baby had also started showing some "accels and decels" that they were waiting to see.  The nurse called the on call Dr and he gave the OK for me to go home.  So, we headed home and straight to bed at 3:30 or so.  I felt so bad for Ben who had to go to work the next day.  :(

The nurse was GREAT and reassured us that we had done the right thing.  She said that if, even the same night, the baby still wasnt moving normally, to head back in.  Well, we didnt have to do that because as soon as we got in bed and laid down, little miss Finleigh started going crazy and having her drum party.  I sat up in bed and said "FINLEIGH GRACE!!"  She got a little talking to and we informed her that she was GROUNDED and had to stay in her room for 9 more days.

If I'm being honest, I laid there with a smile on my face.  My baby was back to normal...and she hasnt slowed down since. that was drama o' the week #1.  That's not all.  Here's #2.

I woke up on Tuesday w/ a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  Not a big deal, but I wasnt feeling so hot.  Wednesday, I was feeling worse.  I had my Drs appointments on Wednesday w/ my OB and the perinatologist.  This was supposed to be our last appointments...1 week before her scheduled arrival date.

Someone brought lunch that day and then Ben picked me up for the Dr at 1:15.  When he got to the house, I was laying in bed...feeling crummy...and just didnt want to move.  I had just used my asthma inhaler before I laid down (for 10 min).  I just felt sweaty and shakey and knew that my blood pressure wasnt going to be pretty.  I even joked w/ Ben about it on the way to the Dr.

My OB appt was first.  I was in his office, across from the hospital, and of course, my blood pressure was up.  I explained to the nurse that I had had a more eventful morning and that I had just used my inhaler, which always makes me jittery.  Only, here was also protein in my urine, which combined w/ the blood pressure could be signs of preeclampsia.  I was supposed to leave his office and head over to the perinatologist for my weekly sono (their office is at the hospital).  

The Dr had other plans.  

He had me go straight over to L&D to get monitored and to have labs run.  So...back over we head.  Checked in, once again, and went to triage.  Someone came in and started an IV line (didnt hook anything up) and drew my blood.  We sat there for a while w/out anyone coming to help us, but then were taken up to the perinatologist office.  Wheelchair and hospital gown and all!  The sonogram looked great and the baby wasnt in any kind of distress.  The perinatologist gave us 3 scenarios of what was about to happen:

1) Spend the night at the hospital for monitoring & then go home until the scheduled C

2) Spend the night in the hospital and then have to stay until the scheduled C

3) Spend the night in the hospital and move the C-section date up.

Not what we had planned for our last week!

We went back down to triage and I was hooked up to the baby monitors and the BP machine.  They laid me on my left and my BP was read every 15 minutes.  It went down almost instantly and was in the normal range for the majority of this time.  The baby was putting on a great show and PLENTY of "accels" and kicks.  Her heart rate was at her normal of 159 or higher!  And...this time, NO CONTRACTIONS!

 By the time I had been hooked up for an hour and a half or so, it was after 5.  So, the nurse called the on call Dr w/ my clinic (who had been given info from my OB) and they let us go home!!  We were SO relieved to be able to go home!!!  I had instructions to stay laying down on my sides and to make an appt with my OB on Friday.

Thursday was spent in my bed w/ Finleigh's humidifier by my bed.  I was feeling SUPER crummy from this head cold!!  It was only getting worse.  But, I was feeling OK pregnancy wise.

As an update...we went to the Dr this morning (Friday) and my blood pressure looked OK (much better).  I had even lost a pound since Wed, which would not have happened if I was starting to get preeclampsia.  Pregnancy wise, I was great.  Congestion wise, I told them that I felt like I had been hit by a truck!

We left w/ a rx for a z-pack, instructions to take mucinex around the clock, and permission to knock myself out w/ benadryl at will!!  

I love my Dr! :)

When I got home, I started the z-pack and took a benadryl and woke up 3 hrs later!  Luckily, my plan for the weekend was to lay it's even more of a priority!  If you need me between now and Wed, I'll be in my bed...propped up on 8-10 pillows...humidifier beside the bed...tissues in hand.

We are having a baby in 5 days and I plan to be nice and healthy for that!!
We left the Dr with a "See you bright and early Wednesday morning" and smiles all around.

(and of course instructions to call if anything changes...even in the smallest)

AHHHHHH...a baby is coming in 5 days. 

The moral of the story?

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rculross said...

I don't usually comment but have been following your journey for a long time! I can't wait to hear how everything went!

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