Friday, March 22, 2013

Things Learned While on Bed Rest (Hospital Style)

  1. Always accept the Ambian when offered.

  2. Ambian only lasts me a good 5 in order to avoid being wide awake at 4 AM, it shouldnt be taken at 11 PM

  3. Hospitals should have beds and then special beds for those confined to them.  Ouch on ye ol' hips!

  4. A good pregnancy pillow is a MUST and a life saver! 

  5. A noise machine app on the phone is heaven sent!

  6. When you have heartburn, they order Maylox

  7. Swallowing the Maylox MAY be the worst part of the whole hospital stay

  8. Dramatic gagging may come from said Maylox while the husband just laughs

  9. Hoarding straws from the meals comes in handy to get Maalox down

  10. I love Presby Perot.  Well, as much as one can love a hospital.  

  11. The food, however, has gone down since my last stay.  :(

  12. There is nothing better than the Presby water glass...and the unlimited ice water! 

  13.'s the little things.  

  14. E!, Bravo, TLC, and The Food Network are a few channels that need to be added to the TV list

  15. Clothes from home make ALL the difference in the world!

  16. My husband has a wonderful job & a great boss (they send flowers & bring activities!)!

  17. Friends who are NICU nurses at the hospital are always a plus...and a blessing!

  18. And sometimes they scare the crap out of you...and it helps. :)

  19. Setting goals is always important.

  20. Making those goals makes for an exciting day!

  21. Ben is a heavy sleeper, and for that, I am SO thankful!

  22. My husband is THE BEST.

  23. Our little girl is STUBBORN & likes to hide from the monitors.

  24. I love to hear her little heart beat and feel her kicks!
  25.  She is BEAUTIFUL!


Hillary said...

Hi! I've been following for a little bit but this is my first comment :). I was on bed rest with my last one and I could not get over how horrible the hospital beds were!!! I must have told the nurse a hundred times (not that she could have done anything to help...) that the pains I had in my hips from the bed WERE GIVING ME CONTRACTIONS!! :)

hang in there!


trooppetrie said...

I spent 5 weeks in a hospital bed after my water broke at 26 weeks, I could not agree more. Stay strong and remember the gift at the end

Mama M. said...

LOVE this! And she is beautiful...and blessed to have two amazing parents!

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