Friday, March 29, 2013

The infamous "orange drink"

The day that I was put into the hospital, I was supposed to do my 1 hour glucose test.  Well, I was sent from the perinatologists office straight to L&D and then to a hospital room.  I was instructed to NOT eat or drink ANYTHING before I completed the test. 

For those lucky ones who havent taken the test...this test entails drinking a very sugary orange drink and then waiting an hour to have your blood drawn. I have heard such horrible things about the drink.  Most people describe it as a really thick, but flat orange soda.  

Let me divulge a bit about myself...I dont do well having to drink/eat things that are gross.  Who does, right? 
(remember the Maalox from the last post?)
 But, I seriously have an issue with it.  I've had enough medical tests run in my life w/ nasty things to drink and I dont usually make it through.  I usually end up w/ a sympathetic nurse who pours it out and says "oh look, you are done!" as she winks.  So, to say that I was dreading this was an understatement.

My hospital nurse brought the drink to me and luckily it was cold.  Before she left I asked for a straw and she looked at me like I was crazy.  I explained that I planned to "shove it down my throat and bi-pass my tongue."  Her response was "You arent going to gag yourself are you?"  Ha.  I assured her that I knew what I was doing and she brought a straw.  

I started drinking and it wasnt TOO bad.  I stopped to tell Ben something and that was the worst part...the super sugary drink in the back of my throat made me cough for a bit.  So, I stopped talking and just drank the rest as fast as I could.  I finished!  I left a drop for Ben to try, but he wouldnt.  Chicken.

I didnt notice myself feeling TOO bad. I mean, I was already hungry b/c it was 12:30 by this point...and I had already been upset most of the I didnt notice a change in anything.  My blood was drawn an hour later and then I ate a hamburger...just in case it was my last!  :) 

Whelp, I failed.  Dang.
My numbers were in the 150s & they want them below 135 (maybe?).

When my Dr came in later that day, I told him that I failed and we talked about what it could mean if I did have Gestational Diabetes.  He also explained that the 2 shots of steroids I would be getting would elevate my glucose I couldnt take the 3 hour test for another week.
(after you fail the 1 hour, you have to take one that lasts 3 hours and includes 4 needle sticks)

When I was released from the hospital, I made an appointment to see the perinatologist the following Thursday, a week later.  My OB said that he also wanted to see me that day and that I could do the 3 hr test as well.  His plan was that I could have my first blood draw (baseline) and drink the drink before my first appt, go see the peri, go back for a blood draw, go see him, and then go back to finish the test.
(all of these offices are in the same bldg at the hospital) peri appt was at 2:45 that Thursday.  My Dr said to just start the blood test around 2:30.  OK.  No problem.  Right?

When I got home and could think clearly, I realized that this was a FASTING if I started at 2:30, I wouldnt get to eat until 5:30.  This didnt seem too healthy!  I emailed my OB nurse to ask her opinion, but didnt hear back (a rare glitch), so 2 days before the test, I called the lab to ask if they would even be open until 5:30.  I talked to a man and he explained that this was a BAD idea b/c being THAT hungry, the drink would make me sick.  He suggested that I come in at 11 and finish at 2, get something to eat and then go to the peri's office.  He ended the conversation with "ok, so we will see you at 11:00 on Thursday" but he never took my name or anything (which led me to assume that I didnt need an appointment).

OK, so I called my OB's office to see when I should see them.  

My OB's practice has 2 offices:  one at the hospital that is their OB office and one across the street that is their GYN office.  The Drs rotate being "on call" and seeing clients in the OB office.  This Thursday wasnt my Dr's day to be in the OB office, but he didnt have any open appointments across the street, either.  SO, they told me to come into the OB office around 11:15 and see Dr Hagood who was on call.

Got all that?

So, I started fasting at 10 the night before and got to the hospital to start the 3 hour test.  I signed in and said that I needed to start my 3 hr glucose test.  The lady behind the desk was obviously put off by this and got an attitude and said that they do those by appointment only and start at 8:30 in the morning because it's a fasting test and did I fast? I explained that I did fast and that my Dr didnt say anything about making an appt, but said that I could just go in.  I also explained that I talked to a guy at the lab who said to come in on Th at 11, but didnt take my name.  Under her breath she said "so you obviously didnt have an appointment" as she sighed very loudly and huffed to turn to her computer.  She asked my name to look up the order...and of course couldnt find it.

So, Ben and I walk to the Drs office...2 doors down...I am about in tears (I cry when frustrated)...have been on my feet too we walk in and I just sit down.  Ben went to talk to the receptionist.  There was some confusion, so I was called back to talk to the nurse.  They didnt have the records of my 1 hr test, so I explained that it was done in the hospital.  She was then able to look it up and was working on getting the order for the 3 hr recorded,  but had computer problems.  Of course!

The nurse was very sympathetic that it was 11 AM and that I had been fasting.  She kept saying "you poor thing, we usually do these so early!"  I was a little shaky, but told her I could make it until 2.  She got the order working on the computer, but couldnt get it to she sent me back to the lab and told me to tell them that it was on the computer.  Great.  My bestie behind the desk wasnt thrilled with this, either.  They were having the same computer problems, and she couldnt get it to come up...but she said to go ahead and start.  Thank the Lord! And, thank the LORD that she wasnt the one drawing my blood!!!

A guy came in and drew my blood for the baseline test and then brought me the dreaded drink.  Luckily, this time he brought the fruit punch flavor.  I have heard better things about this one.  No straw this time.  It actually wasnt bad, but I still have the stinging in the back of my throat when I stopped to talk.  The lab guy explained that a lot of women start feeling queasy, so they have a bed that I could lay down in if needed.  I let him know that I had a appt w/ the OB after this draw, but that I was supposed to be on bed I would take him up on it later.

Back we walk to the OB's office.  It was pretty crowded, so we had to wait in the waiting room for a bit.  I was reading "The Duck Commander Family" on my phone while we waited. I wasnt feeling GREAT, but wasnt feeling too bad.  I had this.

Or so I thought.

After I sat for a while, I started feeling VERY queasy.  I started shaking and getting hot.  I just handed Ben my phone and said "I cant even bookmark this" and "I need to lay down."  He asked what I had said b/c I had whispered it.  I said, more desperatly, "I need to lay down, ask them if I can lay down" and then waited about 2 seconds before I said "never mind" and had to jump up to run to the bathroom.

Yep.  Up came the fruit punch.  A lot of it.

The bathroom is right across from the nurse's station, so when I walked out she just gave me the biggest look of pity and said "you poor thing, just sit here, I think you are next anyway."  I asked if that was going to ruin the test and she said it had been down long enough not to effect it.  I was weighed (which was down 9 lbs from my last appt) and she took my blood pressure (which wasnt the prettiest after my time in the bathroom and the craziness of the morning).  Anyway, we saw Dr Hagood and heard the babies heart beat and talked over a few things.  She did say that it seems like everyone fails the 1 hr test while in the hospital, so we were crossing our fingers that this one worked out!

After the appt, we walked BACK to the lab and sat in the waiting room for about 5 minutes until they called me back for my blood draw.  This one was supposed to be at 12:15 and he called me back a few minutes early, I assume to get everything ready and draw it right on time.  After he drew it, I asked to lay down and they sent us down to a room that had an exam table in it w/ a strange cotton ball filled plastic pillow.  It was SO nice to be able to lay down and read for the next hour!!  

A few minutes early, 1:10 ish (assuming I would give it a few minutes like they had the last time), I walked down to the office and peeked my head in and said "I'm ready for my next draw" to which my bestie replied to the other woman in the room (w/out even looking at me) "she has 4 minutes.  she's at 15 after."  OK.  Yes ma'am.  So, I walked across the hall to the room where they were drawing my blood and sat down.  I THEN hear front desk girl give a rendition of how I came in with an attitude and "told her..." and gave a very dramatic & attitude filled account of how the morning had gone.  I was a bit shocked!  I was thinking "honey, if you want attitude, I can give you attitude, but I dont think being on the verge of tears this morning is anything to roll your neck around at."  Oh the drama!  

The other girl came in and drew my blood (she was very nice as was the guy who did all of the other draws) and I walked back into the room w/ the bed where Ben was waiting.  I gave him an impersonation of the story I had just heard...complete with finger waving, lip smacks, and neck rolling.  I laid back down and kept reading until the last draw at 2:15.  This time, I waited the appropriate ammt of time, thankyouverymuch.

At 2:15, we FINALLY finished the test and headed down to the 1st floor and shared a sandwich and chips from the cafe.  We THEN headed upstairs for the peri appt at 2:45 and were SUPER pleased to find out that everything was holding steady with my cervix.  AWESOME NEWS!!!

I came home and fell promptly fell asleep.  You know, nothing like a nap from 5-7PM to ensure a great night's sleep!

The next day, I got a message from my Drs office about the test.

I HAD PASSED!!!  THANK THE LORD for some good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the fasting to the  rude lady at the lab to the puking to the late nap...this is a day that I hope I dont have to repeat anytime soon!

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Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you passed I'd been praying about that for you. When I was pregnant with my babies that was the big thing I dreaded.

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