Thursday, March 7, 2013

Team Blue vs Team Pink

Hello blog world.  It's been awhile.  

This post is from an event that happened 8 weeks ago.  Life has been so busy w/ baby things & building my private counseling practice that the ol' blog has been neglected.  These pics were on my camera and I'm horrible about getting those on a computer.  Well, I have a little more time now (if you aren't following on FB or twitter, I'll explain in later blogs this week), so I thought it was time to share!!

January 11, 2013 
18 weeks pregnant

It was a Friday that we have looked forward to for SO long...we got to find out the gender of our baby!! Our OB, Dr Richards, refers all of the gender/anatomy scans to Dr Reinheart, a Perinatologist.  They just have better sono machines.  

So, we went to see Dr Reinheart that morning...I was decked out in my blue and Ben in his pink (or as pink as he will wear!).  We went through the scan and saw our perfect little baby!  At the end, we turned our head and he circled the gender on a piece of paper that we brought.  That paper went into an envelope and into Ben's hands.  He is MUCH more trustworthy than I am.  HA!  Following Dr Reinheart, we went to Dr Richards and had a normal checkup and then I drove Ben back to work.  

This is where it got tricky.  I was driving up to my practice to meet Lauren, one of my practice partners and the one hosting the party.  There were about 30 min that I was alone with the gender...but Ben licked & sealed the envelope before he got out of the car.  I met Lauren and we went to lunch.  SHE wouldn't look before lunch b/c she didn't want to be tempted to spill the beans.  After lunch, she went to get a few items in the proper color (blue or pink) and then come to my house to get ready.  I came home and rested and started chili for our guests. 

Here are some pics of the decor that Lauren and I put together once she got there:  
Snack Table

Yummy cookies made by Lauren's mom
"clothes line" with boy/girl onesies

Entry Table...make your vote!

Seriously Yummy Cookies!!!
What will it be?!?
Only Lauren & Dr Reinheart know at this point!

Ben=team pink    Me=Team Blue
Rustee is just clueless. Bless his heart!
Team Pink!
 Our Guests were AWESOME...we had so much fun!!

Team Blue!

 And here is the reveal!  Lauren had the appropriate color confetti placed in some balloons...and we popped them with safety pins and were covered in the confetti.  I love these pics!!


GO!!! (can you tell that color yet?)

We had to look on the floor to see what color

A GIRL?!?!?  Are you sure??

...and then this happened!  ;)

I was SHOCKED and seriously kept asking Lauren "are you SURE?" (because she would know any different than what the paper said? HA!)
and I might have cried

 It's a GIRL...and we are SO in love with HER!!!

We are seriously so blessed by the people in our lives.  This night was so special and one that we will NEVER forget (especially as we keep finding confetti in our carpet. ha.).  Thanks to Lauren and ALL of our friends for making this night SO SO SO special and for loving us & our DAUGHTER so well!! 


Brad & Rachel said...

How exciting! Girls are amazing. I'm a new follower but I got caught up on your story and have been anxiously looking for an update since about the middle of January. Ha! I'm so excited for you and your husband and now your baby girl!

Kate said...

So awesome! I wouldn't have been able to wait!!

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