Monday, March 11, 2013


When we had the anatomy/gender scan (sono) done at 18 weeks, we were seen by a perinatologist.  My OB referrers  all of his anatomy scans here because of their high tech sono machines.  So, it wasn't a problem...just a one time appointment.

At least that's what we thought.

In the initial new-client paperwork, I filled out info about my previous fibroids & related surgeries.  So, Dr Rineheart came in and was asking about my history before he started the scan.  As soon as he started the sono he said "oh my. You have a whole mess of fibroids in here."


He measured them, and then proceeded with the sonogram.  It was a positive appointment.  He was happy with baby girl's size and my health.  BUT, because the fibroids would make my uterus larger than normal...I would have to keep seeing them (he or his partner, Dr Greer) every 4 weeks.  The problem is that my OB cant get an accurate weight/size of the baby by measuring the uterus/my stomach alone.  The fibroids would be monitored, but shouldn't be a cause for concern.  They COULD effect the baby's birth weight (making her small), but that is another reason that we will monitor.

So, now we find ourselves with 2 Drs appointments every month.  We first go and see Dr Rineheart/Dr Greer and have a sonogram.  After that, we go to Dr Richard's office for our normal appointment.  
 For our 22 week appointment, we saw Dr Greer.  First, a sono tech came in and did a lengthy sonogram pointing out many things about our daughter.  It was at this appointment that I asked "is she still a girl?" ha!  The sono tech said "this baby is a HOOT!" at one point.  Finleigh put on quite a show for her, but then she had had ENOUGH!  When Dr Greer came in, she repeated most of the sonogram...only this time, Finleigh was DONE putting on a show.  She had tucked her feet OVER her head and would NOT move!  The Dr was trying to get a good shot of her heart (which is perfect!), but couldn't get her to move.  She shook her around a bit...and when she finally moved, little miss turned her back.  This was the WRONG way. 

Stubborn much?

I love how most people think that she gets her stubbornness from me.  But, hello, do you remember the great "hair-gate" of 2012??  I think Ben and I both have equal levels of girl didn't stand a chance! Maybe you should start praying for us now! :)

Once again, we got a great video and left SO SO happy! 
Everything with her is healthy...and I've only gained 3 lbs at this point. Hello, that's a plus!
 Oh baby make us laugh so much!!!  
We love your ability to make all of the Drs, nurses, and techs laugh...what a joy you are going to be!!!
 Things have been perfect up to this wasn't until our 26 week appointment this past week that everything changed...everything.

Stay tuned.


Elisabeth said...

I've been praying for you and your sweet baby. When I didn't see a post for a while I feared the worst. So excited she's a girl!!!

Continuing to pray for you guys :)

Aunt Lauren said...

Oh hair gate 2012... That made me laugh!!! Love you friend and praying for all 3 of you!! :)

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