Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today hasn't been the best.  I am starting to get very sore and tired of flipping from one side to the other!  We were SUPPOSED to be in Lubbock w/ Ben's family this weekend.  Easter spent alone has always been something that bums me out. To me, it's a day that everyone is enjoying family and the times that we haven't been w/ family are a bit of a letdown.  On those other occasions,  we've tried to do something "special" like a special lunch/brunch.  This year, we were going to GO and actually be with family.  

I am SO very thankful to be at home and still have my little miss in my belly...and NOT in the hospital or worried about a preemie in the NICU. has been tough.  Not only are we NOT with family, but we weren't even able to enjoy our church family this morning. Sundays are usually the toughest days of the week anyway (there are only so many times I can watch House Hunters or Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives before they start repeating) today is just BLAH. 

When we went to bed last night, Ben said that he was going to get up and get doughnuts and chocolate milk and bring it to me in bed.  Well, he "forgot."  Obviously he doesn't understand the pregnant ladies' NEED for food that she's promised.  I MIGHT have actually dreamed about it last night. 

HOWEVER, the part of today that is NOT blah is the REASON for Easter! 
We are blessed beyond words to get to celebrate the empty tomb and our risen savior!!!  Despite the devil's desire to damped my day, he cannot take away the fact that death was defeated and we serve a living God!!
Praise Him!

So, I will leave you today with the video that  I post every Easter.
"New Again" by Brad Paisley & Sara Evans (from the soundtrack from The Passion)

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trooppetrie said...

oh man, I felt like the world was going on without me. 5 weeks of laying in the hospital bed. I remember we had a tornado warning and all the patients had to be put in the hallway. I got so excited. For whatever reason they got everyone but me in the hallway, I could hear them all talking and by the time they got to my room the warning was over and I missed it.
Stay strong, that 5 weeks was so much better than the time my baby girl spent in the NICU, you can do this.

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