Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Baby Story (part 3)

If you missed the beginning you can catch up here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

So, yesterday, I stopped writing at 10 weeks.  We saw our hyper baby bouncing away in there.  When we got pregnant, we knew that we wanted to wait until Thanksgiving/Ben's Birthday to make the public announcements.  We would be right at 12 weeks by then.  SO, we had some professional pics done by Crystal Ingle Photography in downtown McKinney to give to my grandmother as her gift/announcement.  The pics were done the Sunday before Thanksgiving and we were leaving for ThanksMas in Arkansas the following Wednesday.  I was so worried that we wouldnt get one printed in time, but we did!  Here are a few faves from the day:
LOVE this one!

My still my heart!
I bought this onesie (1 in pink & 1 in blue) while we were in Canton, when I didnt think I was pregnant.

 So, we bought a frame and wrapped up this pic below for my grandmother (if you remember, our family does Christmas w/ my mom's side at Thanksgiving while we are all together...hence, ThanksMas) for her gift and waiting until the end of Thanksgiving night to give it to them:
We had been in AR since Wednesday at keeping it quiet until Thurs night was HARD!  The only ones there that knew (out of the 40 or so people) were my parents, my sisters, and cousin Amber.  My cousin Beth is pregnant, so it was SO hard when she was talking about baby things.  One time in particular, she was talking about cloth diapers and I got excited and said "OH, you use cloth...tell me about it!!" and followed it up with "um, my friend is interested."  HA! 

When we got ready for presents Thursday night, we went through cousin gifts to each other and then everyone started giving my grandparents gifts.  Somehow it worked out WONDERFULLY that they decided that the youngest child (of my g-parents) and her family would give to them first and then we would work backwards.  My mom is the we could go last.  The closer it got, the more nervous I was.  I gave my phone to Amber to take some pics & here is my fave:
She had opened the picture and said "oh, a picture" while holding it backwards.  She kept talking to everyone else and not even looking at it.  I was DYING.  Finally, she looked down and this pic is when she threw it down in her lap and said "WHAT?" I love my aunt Kathy's face behind her...apparently, she was reading it at the same time.  I believe my MaMa's next response was "you're having a baby?" After that, I dont remember what happened next.  I started tearing up and got hugs all around while trying to get myself across the room to take a pic w/ my grandparents.  My fave part was seeing my PaPa take the pic from her and just study it w/ the cutest smile on his face.  He told her, while they were still sitting there, that they were hanging that up "TONIGHT" when they got home!  It was a lot of fun.  After everything started calming down, I snuck away to the only corner in the church gym that we could get internet reception and posted the pic on FB.  The word was Thanksgiving EVER!!

We came home nice & tired and got back into the swing of things at work.  Except, the only problem was that I was in a LOT of pain.  My left side was REALLY hurting and it got to the point that I hated moving and dreaded getting up and walking.  After a torturous trip to Target, I climbed into my car and shot an email to my OB's nurse.  She emailed back that I should just come in the next day and see the Dr on call.  My new OB is one of 8 in his practice (including his dad!) and they have an OB office across the street from their main office. The OB office is actually inside of the hospital and the Drs take turns being "on call" and seeing their pregnant clients in that office.  So, I called and made an appt the following day to see Dr. Haegood.  Of course, on this day, Thursday, the pain wasn't nearly as strong and I couldnt really even pinpoint a spot that was hurting the worst.  She pulled out the dopplar to listen and said that she could get a brief heartbeat, but that it was moving away.  Well, I couldnt hear anything and was pretty worried.  So, she decided to do another sono.  She tried a sono on my stomach, but couldnt get a good glimpse of the baby.  She, once again, said that SHE could see the heart...but I still didnt see movement.  SO, onto the internal sono...hopefully the last for a while.  Once she did this, we saw this little guy/gal:
12 weeks
The Dr noted how much it was moving and how active it was.  She held the wand still and said "look, all of that movement is the baby" and we just watched it move & jump around.  She just laughed.  Great...that makes TWO Drs who have laughed at my baby's activity level!!  I am SO ready to start feeling it move, but a little worried, too...HA!!  We for SURE have a little move & shaker in there & we love it!!

At 14 weeks, we saw Dr Richards for our normal monthly visit.  No sono this time...the next one will be the anatomy scan & gender scan at 18 weeks (!!!!!).  He did use the doppler and heard a brief heartbeat before the baby swam away.  He had to search a pretty good time before landing on it.  He said that the baby had literally gone from the bottom to the tip top of my uterus.  We listened to the heartbeat and every 3-5 beats there would be a loud noise...Dr Richards said that the baby was kicking the doppler machine!  Oh, baby...we just laughed!!

We are SO excited and canNOT wait for Jan 11th to find out what this baby is!!!!  Lauren is helping us plan a gender reveal party that be looking for that announcement.

So far about this pregnancy:
  • Symptoms?
    • heartburn
    • sore b00bs
    • hyper sensitive to smells
    • sensitive gag reflex (this didnt start until week 10 or so and is hanging on...I'm hoping it will go away soon!), but I've only vomited twice & I think that is SO lucky!
    • tired beyond BELIEF!
    • having to pee ALL the time
      • I've been called a "human camel" my whole life, so I find this super annoying...but I'll take it!!
  • Cravings?
    • tacos
    • marshmallows
      • s'mores
      • cocoa krispy treats 
    • Italian food (lucky Ben, its his fave & I normally dont like it)
    • salad w/ ranch
    • carrots
  • Maternity clothes?
    • not really, yet
    • I've bought a few things for next summer b/c I was hoping to get some good sales in as the stores were stocking up for winter.  I got some good deals, but not a great selection.
    • Since I had lost weight, most of my pants still fit, but are starting to get tight now
    • my jeans that I bought w/ the weight loss are tight, & I keep threatening to not be able to wear them...but I still am.  
    • I am wearing maternity jeans today, though
    • tops...I should be find for a while...most of my tops are loose already.  
  • Crazy Stories?
    • none, real "pregnancy brain" stories to tell, yet.  
  • Boy or Girl?
    • At the beginning, I was SURE that this baby was a boy.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I call it "him" ALL of the time.  Anytime I talk about it, I say "him" or "his" but really am not leaning one way or another right now.  I have always wanted a girl & always pictured us w/ a family of all girls...but I have been LOVING the thoughts of this being a little boy!! 
  • Names?
    • We have our boy name picked out
    • If it's a girl, it's narrowed down to 2...we both like both...we just each have a different #1.  
We know that this baby & it's story is nothing short of a miracle. There were SO many pieces that fell into place at just the right time.  There was Serotonin, nutrition, drugs, the right Dr, the new practice/job (meaning less stress & more time to rest)...I dont think ANY of these things alone would have created this ending...but together, they formed the perfect storm & our perfect baby!!  Thanks be to GOD!!!!!  Thank you all SO much for sharing in our joy over this baby!!  We are beyond THRILLED and love that everyone is sharing in this with us!!!!  We are blessed...and love you all!!


Gretchen Goode said...

Strina,I am just so happy for you and Ben! I actually jumped up and down when I saw your fb post on Thanksgiving! And today I cried and grinned at the same time all the way through these three pregnancy posts. You are going to be a most wonderful momma.

Anonymous said...
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Natalie Jane said...

So beautiful!

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