Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Baby Story! (part 1)

So, as I posted on Thanksgiving...we are PREGNANT!!!  Today, we are exactly 15 weeks pregnant with our little miracle.  I have tried to sit and write this post so many times, but there is so much to say and so much to think I kept shutting down and never starting.  So, here we go...

This story starts back at the beginning of the year.  If you've read this blog in the past, you may recall THIS post back in Jan about our failed attempt at IVF where I didnt produce ANY eggs (well, 2 poor quality ones that werent worth retrieving).  So, we took a break and decided to try again in Aug/Sept.

During this time, I was approached at work with the opportunity to attend a specialized training with TCU's Child Development Center. The training was with Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross (authors of "The Connected Child") called "Trust Based Relations Interventions" or TBRI.  The training cost was $3,500...however Focus on the Family was offering full scholarships to Christian counselors.  So, three of us at work signed up and were granted scholarships!  The training was a week (8:30-4:00) in Fort Worth (a nice 58 mile 1 way trip), but before the training we had 8 weeks of pre training.  Meaning, DVDs that we had to watch and homework to send in.  YUCK!  I of course, waited until the Sunday night before each was due to even start them.  I LOVED the material and what I was was FASCINATING and took me back to when I was teaching and made me miss "my kids" a little.  TBRI focuses on kids w/ traumatic backgrounds, mostly adopted children and children in the foster care system.  The info is awesome w/ anyone working with troubled kids!

Anyway, in the last video before the actual training, at the VERY end of the video, someone asked about infertility.  Dr Purvis' response was that sometimes infertility is the body's way of saying that it's not safe to be pregnant and that there is often a link between infertility and low serotonin levels.  So, I added that mental note in the files in my brain and went on.  Part of this training also included a neurotransmitter test of our own.  If you know me, you know that I LOVE brain research and I was THRILLED to be able to see my own neurotransmitter levels, even if it meant sending my pee through the mail. :)

This has a point...I promise.  

On the first day of class, we got our results back and mine looked like this:
Note the Serotonin levels!
I couldnt get my mind off of this all day.  We reviewed the results a bit and talked about the different transmitters & what they meant.  Included was also a treatment plan and what supplements you should take and in what order.  She talked a long time about the dangers of self-medicating and messing with your neurotransmitters & the harm that you can cause by doing things out of order.  Her recommendation was that if there was a major problem that you see a nutritionist or a "functional MD" who deals with whole health.  So, I decided to go talk to her on a break.  I showed her my paper and reminded her of what  I had heard in that video and gave her a brief 1 min fertility history.  Her immediate response was "so, you are going to call a nutritionist TODAY, right?"  We talked for a bit longer and I briefed her on what happened in Jan and she also pointed out my pretty much non existent epinephrine levels & the effect that this (my adrenals) would have on the absorption of meds.  My co-workers also talked to her about their results and her response was to look into those supplements that were listed.  So, the fact that she told me to see someone didnt get lost on me!

My first response was to try to see a functional MD, but they dont take insurance, so we didnt really want to pay $400 for someone that we didnt know anything about.  So, I sat on the info for a while and later in May or early June was sitting at home w/ Sister talking about it while watching Dr Oz.  One of the commercials that came on was for "The Sunflower Shoppe" health food store advertising that they have certified nutritionists on staff.  So, I called that day and asked some questions.  They have 2 stores and a nutritionist in each one. Belinda in Ft Worth and Bryon in Colleyville (neither one super close!).  Belinda could see me the following week and Bryon couldnt see me until the end of June.  So, I made the $50 appt with Belinda and Ben and I made the treck BACK to Ft Worth one Friday morning.  We were very encouraged by what Belinda said, but she wasnt as educated in the neurotransmitter test as Bryon was.  She got me started on a serotonin/melatonin supplement and several other vitamins.  She also did a hair analysis to go over what nutrients my body needed and what it had plenty of.  We went back a week later to go over the results.  At this appointment, she called the Colleyville store and made an appt w/ Bryon for at the end of June.  This was fine b/c there were some hefty diet changes that needed to be made.  HOWEVER, we were headed to Camp and Ben's brother's wedding (in San Antonio + mini 4th of July family vacay) at the end of the month.  I wouldnt be starting ANY new diet changes before these two events!

I actually met with Bryon one of the 3 days between our trips to camp & the wedding.  We saw him the Wednesday before we were leaving on Thursday for San Antonio.  We took in all of our results and were SO encouraged by our meeting with him.  He first said that he has a 100% track rate with getting infertility clients pregnant.  HELLO!  He started off talking about whole grains & changing eating habits slowly & how this can effect our hormone levels.  When we mentioned that we were wanting to do IVF in Aug, he said "so, if you are telling me I have 30 days...that changes things!"  SO, he pulled me off ALL grains, sugar, and dairy.  I started this in early July, after getting back form San Antonio.  I did cheat & eat corn and SOME dairy, but otherwise kept to this super strict diet & took the supplements that he suggested.  I basically used a lot of Paleo diet recipes.  I didnt see a quick response on the scales, but could tell in my clothes that I was dropping inches.  The weight would fall off in chunks, though, and by the end of Aug (after just under 2 months), I was down 21 lbs.   
Top:  mid June-a few days before we left for camp  Bottom: mid/late August

Because of the later start of the new diet/nutrition plan, Ben and I decided to wait another month to do the we started seeing Dr Selah again in mid Aug and jumped on the September IVF cycle with high hopes.  Stay tuned for more...(part 2 to come on Wed-after Tuesday's day of silence for the CT victims) 

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