Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I need a Beyonce

Do you guys know about Beyonce the metal chicken?? Take a min & read the blog linked below. You'll be so glad you did. I can't get through it w/out tears running down my face. I tried to read it to Ben once, but I had to stop for 5 min at a time b/c I couldn't talk through my laughing tears.'s that good.

Have a read:

Read blog HERE.

My sister, Feff, first introduced me to this story & she & her friends like to have fun w/ their own Beyonce.

(left on her former roomies porch while she was on her honeymoon)

Just looking at it brings tears to my eyes!!!

I've seen some for sale now & then, mostly in Canton. This past week in San Antonio, though, we saw several.

I wanted one.

Ben said no. I might-have-kind-of begged for a small one that stood under a foot tall. Although he loved the story, he thought it was a waste of $20.

I would SO display it in my house & it would make me laugh on a daily basis.

So, I need a Beyonce of my own!

The end.

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