Sunday, June 17, 2012

The post in which I have a mental breakdown! :)

Y'all, I love the AC. I'm sure most everyone in the south does. Bless the person that invented it & PTL that I want born before that!! ;)

Last winter, I started noticing that the AC in my car (SUV) didn't work. I love my car. I have a Mercury Mountaneer & her name is Sylvia. (She is silver.) (I'm creative like that).

Let me take the time to tell you about out other car. Her name is WT. Yes, WT stands for white trash. Good ol' WT. It's an '02 two-door Chevy Cavalier & we bought her as our 2nd car after being married for a year. She was cheap.
We named her WT for these reasons:
1) she's white
2) she's always dirty (at the moment she has crepe Myrtle flowers stuck to her back
3) she's missing a hub cap-all classy like
4) one of the knobs on the radio fell off
5) the glove compartment doesn't shut the passenger, usually me, gets to have it laying on your knees or being shoved in your shins
6) her AC kind of works-you can only use it while moving at good speeds. Usually not in the city and for SURE, not in traffic. I almost learned this the hard way.
7) the dash is cracked and rattles like crazy

YouTube Video

BUT...WT is paid for. So, we are blessed with her until she takes her last breath!!

The broken ac in MY car was not a huge deal during the winter, but yes, there were days that I needed it. Even in Jan. It didn't really start bothering me until March. It became increasingly worse through April, miserable in May, and unbearable in June. It blows air, just not cool air!

One important thing to know about my husband is that if something doesn't bother HIM...he isn't fast to fix it. He's used to driving w/ AC working SOMETIMES & was quick to remind me of this when I complained. We also needed to wait a while to save some $$ before we could get it fixed. I think we both feared taking it in & it costing $2,000 or something.

I tried EVERYTHING to try & get some sympathy & get it fixed (ESPECIALLY during the week in May that I was driving 59 miles 1 way to Ft Worth for a 5 day conference/training!!). Here are a few of my excuses:
1) rolling the windows down makes my hair tangled
2) rolling the windows down hurts my ears on the hwy
3) I can't talk on the phone (or to a passenger) w/ the windows down
4) it's HOT
5) I'm sweaty when I get anywhere
6) it's a waste of $$ in makeup
7) I'm getting so overheated that it's making me nauseated
8) I have asthma & the windows down exposes me to air pollution
9) having the window down exposes me to more sun & I'm gonna get cancer
10) I'm scared that a birds gonna fly in the car

We FINALLY get to the end of June, when we have a couple of trips (to HOT) places coming up. So, I get permission to take her in & get a quote.

A week & a half ago, I take her in to a place that came highly recommended. They looked at it for free & said that it was an electrical problem and they I would need to drop her off for a day to run diagnostic and fix. Could range from $25-$200 plus the $65 labor charge. Fine. The problem was finding a day that we could use 1 car & play the drop off game. This happened this past Wed...we were leaving town on Sat.

They called pretty quickly & said that they didn't find said electrical problem, but that she needed freon. They had to add a lot. The lack of freon had shut off the compressor.

Nice. I've been miserable all for a lack of freon. I had actually joked about it being that simple.

We got her back Wed night & the AC worked BEAUTIFULLY for 2 days. And what a blessing those 2 days were!!! I spent both days running quick errands ALL over town. I was hot WITH AC. Without would have been unspeakable.

Yesterday (Saturday), we get into the car to take Rustee to the "pet bed & breakfast" and I commented to Ben that I was going to show off my new AC. Within 2 min, we realized that there was a problem. Dad-gum-it. It wasn't cooling. We were leaving town for HOT Louisiana in 3 hrs. Crap!

We drop Rustee off, which is emotional in and of itself. Then, we get back into the car where I proceed to begin to cry. Over the AC. I tried to be quiet & hide it from Ben...but when I reached for my 2nd napkin, he goes "are you CRYING?"

(if you know know I don't just break down & cry. I hate to cry & avoid it at all cost!)

I respond with "I'm just so frustrated!" and it came out 3 octaves higher than normal. After that, I began a full on break down.

Y'all, I was SOBBING. Sobbing I tell you. About my broken air conditioner. We got home & I STILL couldnt pull it together. We started eating lunch & Ben is just laughing at me...I dont blame him b/c this was highly abnormal & I was laughing at myself at this point.

I was just so frustrated! We took it in BEFORE we were leaving town for a REASON!! and now it was the day we were leaving and the place was closed.

A 4 hr trip to LA to work at a camp with little to no AC (we are staying in town and driving out daily, so that AC is important!!!) and we have 2 cars: one with a broken AC and one that sometimes works, but tends to overheat.

Ben was so calm though this & just said WT would be fine to take. I responded with "but it's going to be hoo-ooo-ooo-oot" through my sobs. My dry-witted ever so kind husband's response was "we are going to camp." Thanks for the comfort, babe, but it did make me laugh!

We are in WM to teach Bible classes at the camp we grew up & love so dearly...I can only imagine that the devil was trying everything he could to ruin our trip!! He didn't succeed. We are here & had AC for most of the trip yesterday. Please pray that WT makes it through the city driving this week & back home on Sun. Also, that we can get Sylvia fixed before we head out again next Thursday!!

(ps-our house is being guarded)

Most of all...pray for the teens in our cabin groups!! Pray that our words be blessed and exactly what they need this week. We are SO excited and BLESSED to get to do this, but also nervous that we won't live up to the AMAZING Bible teachers we were blessed with while we were at camp. I feel so inadequate to be the one teaching! Please pray fore this week!!!

Hot & sweaty,

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