Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things Learned at a Ladies Retreat

So, Ben & I have been at Saturn Road for 9 years and I have never been to one of their Ladies Retreats.  In fact, I know "my people" and am not one to branch out and meet gobs of new people.  So, I always stuck to our Sunday School Class, their friends, their parents, and that was really it.  Well, in the winter, a few of us started going to a Wednesday night woman's class called "Mothering Like Mary" where we were paired with mentor moms.  I started meeting other women and really enjoyed it and loved getting to know them better.  They SO blessed my life during that time!!

And then, they started advertising the Ladies Retreat.  So, Jaime and I decided that we would go.  Not only go, but that we would be on the committee. We went to 1 meeting and signed up for snacks.  That's our love language...snacks.  This really only encompassed bringing breakfast for Sunday morning, so it was an easy task.  Well, the retreat was this last weekend...and oh my goodness.  It was AWESOME!!  I didn't really know like 90% of the ladies there, and once again, I loved getting to know them.  We laughed, cried, and laughed until we cried.

Here are some things that I learned:
  •    Cookie dough, Reese's cups, & brownie batter stacked in a muffin tin makes for an AMAZING snack!! (Just stack & bake at 350 for 18 min)
  •  Ghiradelli chocolate brownies work fabulously well!!
  • Return to Me" is not such a sad movie when you talk through the sad parts
  •  Sometimes its a blessing when the electricity goes out in a storm
    • ...and sometimes it just makes it blasted hot...too hot to sleep
    • ...and when the electricity comes back on at 2:35 AM, we should have turned the light switches off
    • ...and at that point, setting the air at 65 is totally appropriate
    • ...and when said electricity goes out, breaking into the breaker box is totally acceptable
      • especially when you are an elder's daughter
    • ...only apparently, teaching in the public schools makes breaking the locks MUCH easier
  • Tarantulas do exist in the wild
  •  "God is a God of foreplay"--a direct quote from Mrs Jaime Sorrells
    • (who NEVER discusses such topics...my, how I've corrupted her! Sorry Joe!)
  • When asked to "volunteer" for a skit, always throw 2 other friends names in the mix!!
  • Crafts are always a must!
The back of my clipboard, bath salts, and sugar scrub
  • People love "Duck Dynasty" (if you aren't watching...you SHOULD BE. A&E Wednesday nights)
  • Always spray the palm of your hands w/ bug spray
  • A "super moon" can be hidden in the clouds
  • Women's voices blending together in harmony is a beautiful thing
  • 2 nights of little to no sleep is OK occasionally
  • Other people know the church song that we are talking about when we lovingly call it "the pocahontas song"
  • Nair does not a conditioner make!
  • Shaving cream makes for a FUN body wash...but doesn't clean so well!
  • There are people in the world who like to diagram sentences
  • Steep steps makes for a sore booty
  • Communion on Sunday with a small group of women after a powerful weekend is also a beautiful thing
  • My friends are AWESOME!
  • I am fearfully & wonderfully made
  • God is so in love with me & nothing will change that
  • His plan is perfect
  • "What other people think of me is none of my business"--Carol Hamilton
  • I'm a blessed girl
 The end.

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Sandy said...

Ok...I'm still waiting for your changes part 2 post!

SO glad you had a great weekend!!! I love when you can connect with other women! Our church did the Apples of Gold program with mentors, and I met so many great women there- and learned a LOT about being a woman of God in the process!

Why do you need to spray bug spray on the palms of your hands?

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