Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've waited for this year...

I'll never forget the anticipation of December 31st, 2001 as it turned into 2002! 

I had waited for 2002 forEVER.

See, Ben and I had started dating in 1997 when we were just 16/17.  We knew early on that it was going to last a while...and we knew after a couple of years that we were going to get married.  I can remember telling a friend after just dating a few months "I cant imagine ever being so mad at him that we break up."  Ah, young 17 yr old love.  However, that proved to be true. So, like I said, we waited a LONG time.  

I am a very logical person.  Much more logical than a feeler!  We knew how hard it would have been to get married while in college.  Did we want to?  Sure, daily!  But, we knew that it wouldn't work.  College would be paid for as long as we were still single.  We weren't willing to get into the we waited.   

We waited 5 years and 2 days to be exact.  

Going to HU and ACU only made this worse.  We had so many friends that had met in college & got married while in college.  And we still sat...not married.  Not engaged.  Not anything.  But, we had a was just stinking hard to stick to it!!  

2002 could not get there fast enough!!  For a few years, we had been looking at the 2002 calendar and dreaming about the year that we would get married.  (well, I was dreaming...and I'm going to believe that he was, too!)

We were at our friend's (Amy & Amanda's parents) house, which had turned into our New Year's in Monroe tradition.  We didn't really do anything, but it was tradition.  We just all enjoyed being together.  This particular New Years, another friend had gotten married (I'm assuming it was a Saturday) and there were more people than usual there.  

The countdown began...and FINALLY it was 2002!!!  I remember sitting in a recliner (alone) and saying "I've waited on this year FOREVER!!!!!!!"  This was the year I was graduating from college and getting married!!!!  It was finally here and I was so excited.  And what a year it didn't disappoint. 

So, here we are in 2012 and I keep thinking back to that feeling. 


10 years later...this is going to be a BIG year!!  I asked Ben if he remembered that night.  I wasn't surprised that he didn't, but just thought I'd check (my crazy memory).  I retold him that story and even though he doesn't think he was there (which we figured that he WAS b/c of the wedding day) he indulged me.

He agrees though...THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!!! 


(and I hope it is for you, too)

Stay tuned for more...
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