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(a post in which I share some really bad old pics...if I had more, I'd share more)

I am sure that it's the same with all of you...for the most part, I am not a girl who likes change.

If you walk in my house, the furniture is in the same locations as when we moved in 8 years ago.  Sure, we've added pieces, but for the most's all the same. 

Even thought I don't like change...I've changed A LOT throughout my life!  I'm sure you all have, too. When I was younger, I had the WORST style.  Y'all it was just bad.  We didn't have a lot of $$ to spend on style, so I was very much rockin' the Wally World chic look.

 When I was in upper elementary school (in the late 80's, early 90's) and middle school I was cursed with AWFUL teeth (that eventually ended up in some form of orthodontic equipment for 8 years), HORRIBLE perms (that RUINED my hair, but for some reason we kept getting more), HUGE plastic glasses (usually of the pink, blue, or purple variety...and once even neon green.)

(Sweet mercy, let's take a moment of silence for the green glasses).

OK, now that that memory has passed...lets move on.  

So, through middle school and high school and parts of college I had what I would call and absence of style.  I wore t-shirts from whatever event had happened.  You know, band, youth events, etc... I rocked the -shirt & jeans look.  Over & over.  I had no clue how to dress.   

Y'all, it was bad.

When I look back at pics from high school, all I see are eyebrows and b00bs.  Seriously.  Here are a few ditties from my senior year:
This pic above of the 4 of us girls are the 4 girls that I spent my high school years with.  I love these girls dearly...but we couldn't have been more different.  Two of our FAVE movies were "Shag" and "Now and Then."  They both had sets of 4 girls in them.  So, we would each pick which character represented us.  I always got stuck with the naive/sheltered/"goody-goody" character.  I hated this.  I fought this tooth & nail.  I was NOT the goody-goody.  I didn't WANT to be the goody-goody that didn't know anything about "life."

Now that I look back...I was SO the goody-goody.  They were right.

NOW, I'm OK with that.  I'm OK with not always being wise to what was out in the world...but as a teenager, it was the worst thing in the world to be labeled as such! 

(Me & my 8 yr old prom date!  GEEZ, Ben!)
When I went to college, I was for sure still in t-shirt/jeans mode.  And oh, the t-shirts.  There were t-shirts for EVERYTHING.  And of course we mustn't forget about pajama pants days.  Bless our hearts.

Things started changing for me, in college, when I moved 7 hrs away and transferred from Harding U to ACU in the middle of my Junior year.  I literally knew 2 people at ACU.  I told myself that this was a time to change.  I remember changing the way I did my makeup and hair.  I also got a job on campus which gave me a little extra $$ to spend on clothes.  I still had no clue what I was doing...but I owned more than jeans and t-shirts.

So much about my attitude & outlook on life changed when I was forced into a situation of being ME.  I no longer had any friends to rely on or hide behind.  I was always a part of a bigger group in high school and at Harding.  I was always Sister's little sister or so & so's bestie.  Suddenly, I was alone and forced to find ME. My opinions on many things changed.  I think that several chips may have fallen off of my shoulders as I grew and stretched and changed for the better.  I was accepted by people who I would have previously been afraid to talk to.  They liked me for ME and it just shocked me! 

Back to the style aspect...I can see that through the years at ACU, student teaching, and my early teaching career I tended to mimic what I was around.  Luckily, I was around some pretty cute & stylish girls!  HOWEVER, looking back now I shudder and some of the things I wore.

It was progress from where I had come from, though.           

When we moved to Dallas, I was just as green as could be!  It makes me laugh how naive I (we) were.  I can remember asking what Coals (spelling changed) was b/c I had never been in one before.  There was so much that we had NEVER experienced.  Once again, I was accepted by the "cool kids" and started patterning my style and fashion after what I learned from them.  I had some AMAZING teachers friends.  My style (fashion as well as my home) is for sure MINE, but it has changed SO SO SO much in the almost 9 years that we've lived in the city.

Case in dishes:

When we got married, I registered for what I thought were the most beautiful dishes.  Who wouldn't love a blue & yellow kitchen w/ dishes w/ berries on them?  I didn't understand when someone said that they "weren't her style."  How could they NOT be?!?  I have every piece of dishes that Peer 1 had to sale w/ this pattern on them.  Ben's dad is a minister and the church staff gave us most of the pieces from the set.

Ummm...this is SO SO SO SO not my style now!  After we bought our house, I was outgrowing the yellow & blue kitchen, but didn't know what to do about the dishes.  I was planning to just decorate my kitchen in yellow & blue and ignore the fact that I didn't like it anymore.  Well, luckily, my bestie, Misty, was there to remind me that the dishes stayed BEHIND the cabinets and that the kitchen could be decorated however I wanted it to be.  PSHEW!!  She saved me.  Our kitchen is open to the rest of the this could have been bad.  We still eat on and frequently use ye ol' berry plates...but we also have some super cute brown square ones that we use when we have company (that needs something besides paper goods).  We still have blue & yellow hand towels and pot holders...but those, too, are usually not seen on a regular basis.

Once again back to the change in style.  If you were to tell someone from my life now that I could have won the worst dressed award in high school, they might not believe you.  Likewise, if you were to tell someone from high school that people say that I always look cute & stylish now, they would never believe you.  I am told that I dress very fashionably.  I love to shop...and have a full closet to vouch for that.  I like to look nice and accessorize and have fun with what I wear.  I've been told at 2 jobs that I am the best dressed there.  (Of course that is not too hard here b/c there are only 8 of us on staff!) I don't know that I believe that, but I'll take it!!  Coming from where I was, this is HUGE!  There are days (like today) that I feel like a rag-a-muffin, and like I dug out the only non-wrinkled-kind-of-matching thing in my closet and threw it on.  But, for special occasions...I like to dress up!  Don't get me wrong...on the weekends, I am ALL about those t-shirts, jeans/capris, and flip flops.  In the winter, I love nothing more than a hoodie, stretchy pants, and flip flops.  I am a comfy girl at heart...when I get home, the first thing I do is change into comfy clothes...but if you see me out, hopefully I'll look put together.

I truly believe that this is my love language (the stretchy pants & flip flops part)!!

What about you...what would people who knew you in high school and college say about you?  Some words that come to mind about myself would be:
-stuck up

-no style

but also:
-loves to laugh
-"good girl"

I really like who I am today.  I like my style.  I like my full closet (that I'm fixing to start shedding down).  I like the way my house is decorated.  I like WHO I am and I hope that those people that I am around like me too!

I take pride in who I am and what Ben and I have made our lives into.

I thank God that he had enough trust in us to stretch us and force us to grow in ways that we didn't think we could.  Praise the LORD for the changes that have happened in our hearts & in our lives!!  

So, now it's your turn...tell me how you've changed.

Stay tuned for a blog on a big change that happened for us at the end of last year!  Also be looking for a new blog design!

Cha-ch-ch changes are coming!!!

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trooppetrie said...

i was the t-shirts and tight jeans or short skirts girl. i look back and think why did someone not help me. Even today i wish someone would take me shopping and teach me to shop

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