Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 Babies All Over Again!

If you read my blog a lot, you might recall that my all time FAVE day of teaching was when Melanie told us she was pregnant with TRIPLETS! Seriously, I've never had a more fun day...it was a blast!!

Melanie, Neely, & I taught together for several years. Melanie & I were next to each other & Neely was across the hall. We were all SUPER close. Attached at the hip. I love those girls so much. We had a LOT of fun, in spite of circumstances that were often "less than fun." As soon as I finished screaming about the 3 babies (while my kids were taking a test), we ran over to tell Neely. The rest of the day was spent w/ the 3 of us running around like a bunch of ninnies. We went together to tell our principal about the babies. Attached at the hip, I tell you!

Melanie & I were both trying to get pregnant and I was at the time taking 100 mg of Clomid. Melanie took 1 dose of 50 mg & so we joked that my 10 babies were next.

Those babies are turning 4 this month. Four!

Anyway...we go on with life. Melanie & I quit teaching at that school the same year (sorry Neely!!) and I moved onto counseling.

Neely got married in 2008 and became pregnant soon after. It turned out to be a tubal pregnancy. She tried again and had another tubal pregnancy. So, I referred her to Dr P and they went straight to IVF...the only real option for her. She COULD get pregnant...just in the wrong place, so they have to control it. She got pregnant with her GORGEOUS and super adorable son, Bryan who turned 1 in August. Neely decided to try again and they used their froze embryos.

She emails Melanie & I last Monday and I only read the words on all caps which were:


Then , I had to read the whole thing. Yep...she's pregnant with triplets!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! I screamed again, but this time I was alone!!

Turns out, she had 3 embryos make it through the thaw. 1 was grade a, one a mid-grade b, and one a low-grade b. Her chances to even have twins was less than 5% with those embryos. So, they were all implanted & all stuck!!!!

We got together at Snuffers on Sat to just be together & let it all sink in. I just kept laughing. Melanie was laughing, but I think it was more of a "I'll laugh b/c otherwise I might cry for you/empathetic" laughter. We spent about 3 hrs together. We have to do it more often...I have a feeling it will be at Neely's house soon...and we'll all have a baby...and a 2 yr old running around!!

I love it. I'm so happy for my friends!! Neely is going to be AWESOME!! She spent years in the behavior unit classroom...if anyone can handle 4 babies under 2, it's her! I'll just sit back & laugh (plus get lots of snuggle time in!)

And...can I just say...that I left lunch feeling pressure...geez, I can't be the under achiever here!!

Or, really, I think I'll be just fine!
Have a great week,

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Savannah said...

Stopping by from the Kelly's Korner link up and loving your blog!

I KNOW it would be a ton of work, but I'm obessed with multiple births and dream of having my own twins, triplets or more some day. What a neat story that TWO of your friends have been blessed with triplets. So many babies to love!

Happy Friday!

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