Friday, October 14, 2011

Where ya been?

Oh,'s been awhile! So sorry about that. Here are some things you missed (er, that I missed!)

1) We painted our bedroom. Here's the scheme:

We actually used another green, but you get the idea. And we have yet to hang the cornice boards (in that fabric) or put the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. We are actually going with this grass cloth:

Here is a glimpse of what it looks like:

2) We had a wedding shower at work for a coworker, Charvette, who is now married and the new Mrs. Simmons!! I spent one afternoon at work making "poofs" and then made the cake for the shower.

I had some issues with the cake, but it turned out ok in the end.

And it tasted super yummy, and we all know thats what really counts!!

3) We went camping.
If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you will recall that this was quite the entertaining trip for those of you reading from your safe secure homes!

I grew up camping. We went to the Spring River in AR many many times. To me, camping is communal. We camped in groups. There were campfires and singing. Lots of singing. Us kids/teens played in the river all day and were blissfully unaware of the work that the adults were doing & of any danger of animals. There were plenty of daddies along to protect us! We were busy frying our skin and pouring lemon juice on our hair. :)
We also camped in TN when we would go white water rafting on the Ocoee river. We were warned of bears that had been at the campsites during the day. We were warned of copperheads that like the snuggle under the tents. And once again, we were blissfully unaware of these dangers. There were men/daddies to protect us.
We camped back in April w/ our friends Tim & Leah and their 2 kiddies.

This was fun, but Leah really took the reigns for that one w/ the cooking and such.
So, this was my first time doing it by myself.
When our Bible class at church decided on a camping trip, we were excited. When it fell just after labor day with 100+ weather & in the middle of a major drought & fire ban, I was not so excited, but we went anyway. Our friends, the Georges, were also staying in tents, but the other families were all renting cabins or shelters. Sissies. We set up camp next to the Georges who went into town for dinner and then came back and went to bed pretty early. We set up camp and I cooked chili for dinner & then we just sat playing cards/twitter/fb.

It was while we were sitting there that Ben saw a scorpion, raccoons began closing in on us & planning our demise. Then, coyotes started in. Holy moly. It was dark and we were secluded and i was feeling very alone. It was so unnerving and I was not a fan. There were no daddies to protect us (and the Georges were sleeping!!). Around 10:30, my friend Jaime texted and their family came from their cabin to visit. This simple visit really calmed me down...there were PEOPLE around!! We saw a family of raccoons a few feet from us just hiding in the woods. Waiting. Waiting to jump on our faces and eat us. No?

As soon as we went to bed (we had put our food back in the car) we hear the raccoons trying to get into our cooler of water & sodas. So, Ben had to get up and put EVERYTHING in the car.
Anyway, we woke up the next morning and had an awesome breakfast!

We then spent the rest of the day w/ our friends & their families. We even ended w/ some singing!

We didn't die...and we are camping again next weekend in AR with sister, Jules, and Bry. Stay tuned for any adventures!!

4) I went to Houston (Spring) to spend a weekend at my parents house. They were flying Feff in for a since she was close, I drove down to see her. Mother was sick, so Feff and I had some quality time. We went to a wildlife place in Spring. It was random, but pretty cool.

Since Feff works at a zoo, the lady would talk to us, err her, giving some back history.

Baby ant eater

Shy spider monkey

Baby ?? I forgot.

(my fave little baby bearcat!)

Porcupine. What a pretty skirt you have!

Howler monkey.

The mamma kangaroo had a Joey. See it?
I took lots of pics of these 2!!

Even Feff said she had never seen one while in the pouch! This guy loved sticking his head out to see us:

We had big plans to visit Bayou City Fellowship in Houston for church on Sunday. Even the parents were going to go. But, Feff had an interview a couple of hours away & my dad had a meeting at their church. Well, I was excited about I went alone. As I was getting ready, I realized that this was a first for me...I had NEVER in my life been to church alone. Ben & I have been to places where we didn't know people, but we were together. This Sunday, I was alone. I had the stuff away my inner introvert & just act like everything was fine. It was a great service & the minister, Curtis Jones, preached a wonderful lesson from the Bible that left me all choked up. I was going to try to meet Amanda & Melissa & possibly even Mrs Beth...but I was truly touched and was so afraid I would turn into a blubbering idiot. So, I left. I had lunch w/ my dad & then headed back to DFW.

I spent the next weekend doing crafts and then jet-setted off to Nashville & Seattle...but those are new posts for a new day! Thanks for reading along!!


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