Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big Dallas Hair

...but not for me! This guy

and I are having a battle of wills. I started cutting his hair when we were maybe 19? I'm tired of it and I don't really know what I'm doing. I wanted him to have something besides "really short newly cut" and "needs to be cut, but looks good." I want him to have a style and like SOME length to it. He refuses to pay for a haircut. So, we are at a stand still.

We even have a coupon for a free haircut. He won't use it, b/c he'll have to tip. Stubborn much?

We even have a great friend, Erin, that is a hairdresser an cuts hair out of her home. I told him that if he would let her cut it, I would keep going to her to save $ on MY hair (she does an amazing job, PS) and not go to the expensive salon that I like to go to. He didn't go for that, either. Stubborn much?

My next compromise was that I would cut it when he let's ms French braid it. He didn't go for this one, either.

So, here we are. He has gotten quite good at the "high school hair flip back." It's pretty funny! I'm not sure why he thinks this is bothering me...I don't have to cut it, and I don't have to deal w/ it all day. Who is losing this deal, bud?!?!

Just wanted to show you my Ben and his new "do." Hope you guys have had a great weekend. I have been surrounded by great friends all weekend...and tonight has been a quiet night at home w/ Ben, Rustee...and their hair.

PS-the stubborn one I was speaking of was HIM & I dont know why anyone would think I was talking about myself here.


Much love,

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Kate said...

He should shave his head like on Prison Break. HOT!

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