Monday, October 24, 2011

ABC's of this KK

Saw this on Annalee's blog. I love these things. I a dork, and I own it. Let me know if you do one so I can read it!

A. Age: 31
B. Bed size: queen. We said we would always stay in a queen, but I'm a girl who likes to sprawl everywhere when I sleep! I blame my parents b/c i had a king in my room growing up. I love staying at my patents or in a hotel w/ a king, but I admit that I miss my husband after too many nights. He's just so far over there! We bought a queen headboard/footboard to match our bedroom suit, so I guess we are stuck for awhile. I'm ok w/ that...but he's the one that had to live w/ my arms and legs all up in his face...and he's ok w/ that.
C. Chore that you hate: folding & putting away laundry!!
D. Dogs: Rustee Blue!!

(he hates me for this...but he & Ben are super close & I love it!)

E. Essential start to your day: shower & quiet time in my closet getting ready. Makeup & blow dry are a must. And, listening to Kidd Kraddick while I get ready.
F. Favorite color: brown. I also love grey, green, & pink though.
G. Gold or Silver: both, thank you.
H. Height: 5' 7 and a little bit
I. Instruments you play: trumpet
J. Job Title: Licensed Professional Counselor (working on my play therapy credentials), CounselingWorks Coordinator, Camp Erin Dallas/Fort Worth Director
K. Kids: Definitely in my future!
L. Live: Texas, but I still claim Louisiana!
M. Mother’s name: Patricia Darlene

N. Nicknames: KK, Strinamarie, Strina, Honey, K, Wistingy (my dad's an odd one!)
O. Overnight hospital stays: once in HS, 2 for surgery in 2001, 2 for surgery in 2007, 2 for blood clot in 2007, 2 other random nights in Presby Perot. There are a couple of nights spent in the ER, but we won't go there!
P. Pet peeves: picking at your lips, saying "fustrated" instead of "fRustrated"
Q. Quote from a movie: "I carried the watermelon."--dirty dancing
R. Right or left handed: right, but a lefty of 2 occasions of right hand/arm problems
S. Siblings: 2 sisters:



We have fun:

And for the last 10 years I've had Ben's siblings Jennifer & Phillip:

And now their families!

Jennifer & Dave w/ Molly, Kevin, & Hannah

Phillip & fiancĂ©, Samantha 

T. Truth or Dare: truth. I learned my lesson here

When I had to get into my friends nasty green slimy pool up to my knees. I can still feel the slime. Ick!

U. Ultimate Vacation: Bora Bora! (it's on the 10th anniversary short list, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe 20?)
V. Vegetable you hate: greens, cooked spinach, squash
W. What makes you run late: overconfidence in my ability to do more
than i can in a certain amount of time...have to agree w/ Annalee on this one! I THINK I can make it in 20 min, so I sleep longer. It never works.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: I really don't know how I'm supposed to remember all of this!
Y. Yummy food that you make: red velvet cake, baked goods!
Z. Zoo animal: giraffe

Your turn!! Let me know when you post!!

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