Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've been braiding my own hair since high school. I grew up in the deep south surrounded by big bows and perfect braids. I had neither! I was telling Ben today that there were 3 friends at churn that I was always SO jealous of...they came in new styles of braids and matching bows every Sunday. My mo knew how to French braid, but wasn't great at it. I remember that we had a book of braids and she would sometimes follow the directions and give us a fun braid. This was usually on a Wednesday night for church when there was more time than a Sun morning!! Ha!! The other problem is that my hair is SUPER fine and would just fall out of whatever style she chose.

I can remember at camp havin friends that could French braid & they were in HIGH demand after swim time b/c we all wanted our hair braided...starting at the very front & very tight.

Somewhere around middle school she taught us (sister & me) to French braid our own hair. And somehow part of us learning included flipping upside down and teaching ourselves while inverted (sounds like a strange form of abuse! Ha!). With my fine hair it usually worked best wet. And so my love for the French braid started!!

Sister was better at it than I was (she tends to be more patient!) so she often braided my hair for me. Every Friday night for the football games she would do a crown braid around the top of my head. It fit perfect inside my band hat & wouldn't look like hat-head when I took the hat off!

I also loved doing other's hair. Little sister, Fef, HATED and still hates her hair to be touched. How was I blessed w/ a little sister to dress up and play w/ like a doll that didn't let me play dress up?!?! I love love love vacationig with Ben's family now b/c his nieces let me fix their hair! Sometimes Molly will let me, but Hannah is a girl that loves a braid and I adore her for that. I love doing something different everyday and just love everything about having a little girls's hair to braid! Makes my heart so happy!!

Molly, (I didn't do this braid)

Hannah that my hair has been getting longer, I've been having fun braiding again! I have fun with typical French braids starting at different points on my head , double French braids, inverted french braids, and most recently the headband braid across my forehead and a swooping French braid around the back of my head ending in a messy side pony.

Well, this weekend I discovered a new braid and I may never be the same!!!! It's called the fall or waterfall braid. I've seen pics of it on little girls & grown women and was just baffled at how to so it. So, what better place to learn than u tube? Thats right...that place is full of how-to videos!! That led me to a FABULOUS web site called . Y'all, this lady is a GENIUS!!! I love it! She has picture and videos of so many fun styles. I know he daughters have to be just like the ones I used to be so jealous of.

So, yesterday we had a picnic and I put a hairband French braid across the front of my hair and pulled it into a pony. That was perfect for the picnic. Kept it out of my face & off my neck. Well, it was a hot mess by the time we got home (was around 99 yesterday and we were out from 9-2). We were headed somewhere last night, so I showered and had sometime to play with my hair. I was going to re-do the headband braid and leave my hair down, but decided to play with the fall. At one point I even ha Ben in there holding some strands!! After starting over twice, I ended up with a mix of the headband and going into the fall after it crossed my forehead.

And then this morning I decided to play some more. I've been doing a braid at the base of my head (starting behind one ear) ending in messy side I thought I'd try to come across the back of my head with the fall braid. It turned out SUPER cute...from the back especially! It looked like the braid was built into my hair and made a fun effect! Here are some pics:

The beginning behind my right ear (the lighter side of hair for me)

The middle back! Love this!!

And the ending. The end fell over my shoulder just a bit. It will be better when it's longer.

I just love it. I love the dimension you can see in my hair! It looks even better with thicker hair, but I think it turned out well for the first time!!

When I walked out ready for church this morning ben just had the cutest grin. He said he was just amazed at what I could do w/ my hair. How cute is that?!?

Anyway...I look forward to the day I can braid a little girls hair of my own...until then, I've got Hannah's hair to braid and lots of little ones to practice on!

Happy braiding!!!!

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