Friday, July 29, 2011

The Adventures, they never end!

So, this summer my cousin, Amber, has been living with us & interning with me as my intern for Camp Erin Dallas/Fort Worth. We have had MANY MANY adventures and laughs. She is a HUGE help and I feel like I have a personal assistant. She helps at work & then comes home and helps at home!! I told Ben that come August I gonna need him to be rich so that we could hire a new assistant! Here are a few of our laughs:
-(this one is my fave) Ben & my offices are pretty close together and we ride together quite a bit. We both work long hours, so if I jaw evening clients he just stays late. So this summer we have all ridden together quite a bit. Amber really has only taken her car a couple of times (other than when we were out of town). She is also taking an online algebra class and has to take her test at the local library. For a few of her tests, she has just taken a while day off. Last week, however, she was going to leave half day and come home early. So, we decided that she needed her car & Ben and I needed one. For some reason it made since in our heads for her to drive & then for me to ride w/ Ben and have him drop me off at work & then come pick me back up at the end of the day. we all leave at the same time & Ben drops me off and then backtracks a few miles to his office. A few minutes later, Amber pulls up. It all made since to us until later that night. Ben had gone back to the bedroom and Amber and I were talking & all of a sudden I said "SOOOO, next time we go to the se place maybe WE should ride together & not make Ben drive extra." It seriously never occurred to us until after 11 that night!! I went to the bedroom and asked Ben why he didn't say anything. He said "well, I figured you 2 had a reason" to which I said "nope. We just aren't that smart." oh, this still makes me laugh!!

-my FAVE part of her being here is that there is someone to laugh at my jokes/running commentary. I love that when something happens I only have to look at her & we need no words.

-today at lunch we saw Jason Castro at the taco restaurant we were eating at. Amber had been crushing on him all summer when his song comes on the radio. We walked in and I just turned around and said "not even kidding, Jason Castro is here." Amber totally turned into a giggly school girl. She seriously was about to hyperventilate!! It was HILARIOUS. He was leaving when we walked in so we stared at hi through the window...and maybe took a pic:

And a pic of Amber geeking out:

-on the way home today, we were having a deep discussion about the tribe in Africa (?) that speaks with clicks. You know the ones? Not only did we speak in clicks for a while, but we also attempted a song while clicking. Oh yes we did! We also pondered if they EVER use their vocal they know how? And then if they get scared, do they scream? I don't even know...but I'd like to find out.

-ALSO today, someone at our office asked if I had brought my daughter to work today (Amber & I were the only ones in my office). I kindly answered "no, this is my cousin." When she walked out, I simply turned and looked at Amber. Silence. Ummm...what in the world? I don't think I was capable of producing babies when was 10!!! I don't even think I'm offended...cause she is just so dumb!! Haha.

-like I said, Amber's been taking an algebra class online. One night, she needed help. Time after time, she would ask me for help...I would take her book & look at the problem. I contemplated it for a few minutes and them promptly passed the book to Ben. This happened like 20 times that night. I exactly that order. Every time after that night, she bi-passed me & went straight to Ben. I tried, what can I say?!?

Seriously, it's been a really funny summer!! We have laughed a LOT and had a LOT of blonde moments. Bless Ben's heart, I hear a lot of snorts coming from his direction. I've loved having her here and I couldn't have pulled camp off without her help...well, maybe we will see how it goes after next weekend. Please pray that camp goes wonderfully and that there are Bo major problems!! Thanks. Have a GREAT weekend, kids.
*click click*
(that's click language for "good night")

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Kate said...

I'm laughing at you guys clicking at each other. Seriously. I'd be all up in that like you wouldn't believe.

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