Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, you know how I have explained that the women in my family are all turning into my MaMa? 

Read HERE for more info.

Well, this past weekend was our annual "Great Cousin Sleepover" 2011.  Michelle/Sister & Bry came as did my cousin, Amber, and my cousin's wife, Beth.  We count Beth as a cousin, though, not an out-law in-law.  The other cousins were SLACKERS couldnt make it, so we just talked about them the whole time.  Nothing is off limits at The Great Cousin Sleepover. 

We started off with a trip to Char*ming Charlie$ & then dinner at The Chee$ecake Fact0ry.  Dang.  Between the 4 of us we only ordered 2 meals, but then we topped it off with 4 cheesecakes.  We were rolling our way home.  We ate LATE, so we were starving by the time our dinner came & enjoyed it.  A LOT.  So, we got home between 11 and 12...cause we're crazy like that...and put the cranky 3 yr old to bed...cause we are responsible like that...and then stayed up trying to have coherent conversations.  It didnt work.  So, we headed to bed b/c we had an early morning ahead. 

Saturday we got up BRIGHT AND EARLY and left the house a little after 8 and went to get St@rbuck$ and doughnuts...cause we are healthy like that...and headed to Canton for First Monday Trade Days.  We shopped until we all the 3 yr old dropped. It was FUN!  We spent some time looking at the crap used items for sale outside and explored areas I had never see before.  Somehow, I spent the most $$ bought the most stuff, but Amber did come away with a big ol' sled.  You know, cause it snows so much in AR where she is in school.  We went back to my house for burgers for dinner & watched a depressing basketball game.  I was afraid we would have to ask the girls to leave cause Ben was in mourning.  Sunday morning, we got up for church and dressed in black to show our mourning status.  It was cloudy and we were discussing if it was going to rain or not and Ben said "it IS going to rain because God is crying" in reference to said game.  Poor Ben!   

Here are a few funnies from the weekend that show some of the progression into MaMa:

As told by sister: 
My mom/The Nana: 
"If I ever start to act like that, please tell me."
In reference to HER mom/ MaMa (do we tell her girls or just watch the show?)

"If I ever act like that, please tell me." 
In reference to my mom.   

Ummm...girls...I'm staying out of this one!!!!  

Driving to Canton (Aunt Kathy, ignore this one!)
"Let's get tattoos, girls"

Michelle & Beth: 
"Cousin Sleepover Tattoos!"

"I want a tattoo.  I think I want 'HOPE' but I dont know what else"

Me (with mouth hung open): 
"Whaaaaaaa...that's what I want.  I think I want it on my foot under my flip flop strap."
Amber (with mouth open):  "That's where I want it."

Me:  "Of course it is."

There were SO many times this weekend that Amber or I would say something and the other would just drop our jaw and stare and say "ME TOOOO" and then we always ended with "of COURSE you do!"  Amber is coming to live w/ us this Summer and intern under me at work, so poor Ben had better get ready!  I told my boss that Amber was just like me, but APPEARS to be nicer and quieter.  APPEARS...but we know she has a sassy side.  That was her mom's nickname after all.

Pretty sure that Feff, Amber, and I could have all inherited that nickname as well. 

So, if you weren't there, we missed MOST of you...but we talked about you. 
Love to you all...just be sure to come next year!  

Have a great weekend!!

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