Monday, April 11, 2011

I like head trauma

...or so you would think. 

So, you know about THIS story and have seen THESE pictures.  That was October 2006.  Now for April 2011.  (I almost wrote Feb instead of April...where has the year gone?)  So, we went camping this past weekend.  Camping.  We bought a tent a year ago and have talked about camping for a while.  Ben has REALLY wanted to go camping, but I was resistant. 

See, I camped several times growing up, but anytime my family camped it was with a GROUP.  Like, a BIG group.  Several Labor Days were spent on the Spring River in Hardy, AR with the Dobbs family and a bunch of other people from church.  Mrs. Dobbs' dad had some property on the river with a pavilion and a bath house.  We would go up and camp and play in the river and then spend one day floating down the river in canoes.  Nights were spent singing around the camp fire.  (man...I could use some of that time again!) 

The other camping I did was in Ocoee, TN with the youth group.  I went the Summer after my Sr year in HS and then again 2 other times in college as a "chaperon."  HAHA.  Anyway, these trips were spent white water rafting, swimming, and more singing around the camp fire, singing in the bus, singing, singing, singing. 

So, when Ben first said he wanted to go was COLD outside.  My biggest thing has been "BUT WHAT DO WE DO?"  Especially if it's too cold to spend in the river/lake...I just dont know.  Also, I have never had to be the one "in charge" cooking and cleaning and such.  When the sun goes down, what do we do? 

Fast forward to this weekend...we ventured out.  We went camping at Lake Whitney near Hillsboro, TX with our friends Tim & Leah and their 4 yr old twins, Glade & Addison.  They have a pop up camper and we took our tent.  They have camped quite a bit, so I knew we would prob survive. 

Bless Ben's heart...he did SO much getting ready for us to leave.  We had a workshop at work Thursday night and Friday, so he got us loaded up, took Rustee to the boarder, and came to pick me up.  We got to the campgrounds (McCown Valley) around 5:30 and started setting up.  We were getting our tent laid out and I was fixing some of the poles and laying them extended on the picnic table bench.  The kids were sitting at the end of the table, so I was being careful with the end of the poles.  I go to lay one down and am standing with the picnic pavilion on my left.  I stepped and tripped with my left foot on the lip of the pavilion and feel myself falling towards the table.  I couldnt get my right leg over to help catch myself and I had a pole in my hand that was dangerously close to two 4 year olds faces. 

I went down. 


I hit my upper thigh on the bench of the CONCRETE picnic table and my shoulder and FACE on the THICK edge of the CONCRETE picnic table.  I hit the table right on my cheekbone/jawbone/ear area.

Y'all, I smacked it HARD.

I was so disoriented.  I remember thinking that I had knocked over the CONCRETE picnic table b/c I was so disoriented in what way was up.  My eye started closing and my face went numb but felt like it was swelling like crazy.

Bless Ben's heart.  He ran over and started touching my I ever so nicely asked told him to stop touching me and just sat for a minute.  I had SO many things running through my head:
-I just ruined this trip
-we cant afford this
-no, no, no, not again
-that felt SO MUCH like the last time
-how can there BE a last time?

I eventually sat up and was pretty dizzy so I made it to a camp chair with a back on it.  Ben brought ice and asprin.  I realized while sitting there that I didnt think it was that bad.  It hurt.  Believe me, it hurt.  But, not like anything was broken.  My ear was bleeding, so Ben brought out the first aid kit and we stopped the bleeding and then cleaned it.  I walked to the car to look in the car mirror and was surprised that it wasnt that bad.  I was wearing some fancy earrings (still had on work clothes) and the piece in my ear must have cut my ear above it.  I didnt look like either hole was torn, but there was a nice deep split over the bottom hole.  It might could have used a stitch, but it stopped bleeding...and it's an ear. 

I didnt really cry out of pain, but I was shaken up and a bit weepy for a bit.  I was worried at first...but mostly worried b/c I didnt want to ruin Ben's camping trip.  I finally got Ben to leave me alone and continue working on the tent.  (I did get out of putting up the tent, though!)  All night, he kept asking if I was OK.  AND I WAS.  It hurt, but more like bad bruising hurt...nothing else wrong.

Dang.  My head is hard.

This is time # 2 that my face/head has met HARD with concrete and NOT ONE THING happened.  Not even a concussion. That's a hard head, no?  I guess I needed to make sure the left side of my face was as hard as the right. 

I went to bed that night pretty sore.  I sleep on my left side...and now I had 3 areas that press on the mattress with big bruises.  I have about a softball sized bruise on my upper left thigh and a smaller on the back of my shoulder.  They are nasty today!  Nice yellow/green/purple/blue color.  There are pretty big knots underneith, too.  I woke up the next morning and asked Ben if my face was bruised.  He said "no" and I said "dang it.  If I have to go through this mess, I had better have a shiner to show for it."  Now, there is some bruising on my cheek and close to my ear, but it's not something you would just SEE unless you were looking. 

We had a good trip despite the burn bad which meant we could only cook on the propane stoves and griddle.  Swimming, wind, mud, June bugs, June bugs, June bugs.  It was a great relaxing weekend away from most of the world.  I did laugh about going to sleep the first night in our tent with our fan blowing on us and Ben's phone plugged in to recharge. 

There were times that I just had to chuckle at how WT we were being.  And there were times that I surprised Ben with my backwoods-esque knowledge.  I forget that he didnt know me when I was younger than 13 and a major tomboy.  I may have turned into a city girl...but I have country roots through and through...and those come out every now and then.

We had a great time...and we will do it again...but goodness, that is a lot of work for 2 nights. 


Leah said...

I am so glad ya'll came with us and even more glad your fall was just a ploy to get out of putting up the tent and nothing that warranted a trip to the local there could have been a story a two!

Kate said...

You poor thing!! That would hurt so much! Hope you're feeling better.

trooppetrie said...

i am so sorry this happened and so am trying not to laugh. not at you but that this happens to other people. I am always falling and can never figure out how. glad you are okay

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