Friday, March 4, 2011

Worst & Faves

I was talking to a friend the other day about my WORST day of teaching & we were laughing that I have 1 distinct FAVE day and 1 distinct WORST day.  So, I thought I would share. 

I may come back to  "Worst and Faves" with another theme at a later date, but for today it's TEACHING.

I was in my 3rd year of teaching (my 2nd year in Mesquite) and was teaching 1st grade.  It was the week before Spring Break, so I guess next week would be the 6yr anniversary?  Our lunch was only 30 minutes and was at 11 something.  By the time we got our little ones through the line and walked to the lounge to eat there was 20 min or so it was usually the choice of EAT or POTTY.  Our 1st grade planning period (while the kids were at PE) was 45 minutes long and was around 12:30.  So, if one of us forgot our lunch & didnt want the Caf food-or if we just wanted to get out for a minute-we would wait until we had a longer break and run down the street to get something fast.  On this particular day, Kathryn, Kim, & I had gone to get something (KF*C, I think). 

We were walking back into the school when I hear a BLOOD CURDLING scream of  "I WAAAAAANT MRSSSSSSS. STEEEEEEPHEEEENNNNNSSSSSS."  I froze and about dropped my food.  The secretary and nurse were suddenly on top of me on each side, took my food and handed it to someone and just said "it's broken.  she needs you.  can you do this?  It's BAD."  I had no clue WHO I was going to see or WHAT had been broken.  I think I went into shock.  But, I channeled my inner Tricia (my mom) and put on a brave face and did what I had to do.  (she's the best at doing that.  always appears so calm) I walked in and saw "C" standing there (still screaming) and her arm looked funny.  She had fallen off the jungle gym and broken the top bone in her arm.  COMPLETELY.  It looked like she had 2 elbows.  Poor thing, couldnt move without it moving or hurting.  

So, she's standing and cant sit on the table.  So, I want in front of her and sit on the nurse's table/bed and got her to come stand in front of me.  I rubbed her OTHER arm, stroked her hair, and put my forehead to hers and just whispered calming things to her.  Bless her heart (I am tearing up just remembering this!), she calmed down to doing the gasping sob and said "IT.HU-UR-UR-URRRRR-TS."  So I just kept my calm voice and said "I know baby doll" and just tried to keep her calm by stroking her hair, wiping her tears, and talking in low calm voices.  We stayed like that for a while until her mom got there.  The nurse had to calm her mom down before we could send C with her!  So, once she was calm enough, she drove C to the local hospital who took one look at her and put her in an ambulance downtown to the children's hospital.  She had surgery later that day.  As soon as they walked out the door, I lost it.  I started crying and the school nurse even got teary.  Man, I was a mess.  I guess I'm glad to know that I can step up and be calm when I need to and fall apart later.  Thanks, mom!  Later that week, the class (AKA, me) sent her a bear w/ a broken arm and some balloons to let her know we were thinking about her!  

Now for a happy ending!  

So, this time, I was teaching 3rd grade at the same school. 
My team mate, Melanie and I were both trying to get pregnant.  Let me say this...Melanie is prob the tiniest person I know.  I swear that I could put my hands around her middle and my fingers could touch on both sides.  This will be important.

After 3 years of trying, she went to the Dr who prescribed her 25mg of clomid.  (I had been on 150 mg for a LONG time by this time) Only a half a pill.  Well, a little bit later that month, Melanie called me one Sunday to let me know she was pregnant.  The first month.  The whole 3rd grade team knew, but she didnt say anything to anyone else until after her first sono.  So, we waited.  And waited.  Poor thing, she was SO sick.  All she could eat at lunch was a few sips of soup.  Some people became curious, but we never told anyone.  Until the day of her sono.

She took a 1/2 day from school for her sono.  She has an older daughter, so her husband didnt even go with her to her appt.  This was on a Friday and we were having an "eat day" in the teacher's lounge-Salads (my crazy memory)-so it was already a "fun" day with a little more excitement than normal.  My teammate, Neely and I had already discussed that we were pretty sure that Melanie was pregnant with twins b/c of how sick she was & the fact that you could already see a pooch. 

So, right before lunch, Melanie gets back to school and sticks her head in my door.  My kids were taking a test, but I could tell from her face that something was wrong.  So, I held up 2 fingers and mouthed "two?" to which she shook her head "no" and held up THREE fingers.


I seriously let out the LOUDEST scream and ran to the door.  (she wasnt due back in her classroom until after lunch) She ran to get Neely across the hall and we had a moment in the hallway of screaming, laughing (me and Neely), crying (Melanie), and gasping all around.  My kids thought we were NUTS!  Sure enough, Melanie was having TRIPLETS.  From one month on a half a dose of Clomid!  The rest of the day was INSANE.  Not only did people find out that she was pregnant, but that she was pregnant with
(and her husband hadnt even been at the sono with her!!!  she went to her parents house afterwards and started pricing strollers and I think went into full on panic mode)

I am seriously sitting here now grinning like a ninny!  It was the BEST day!  I dont remember what my kids did the rest of the day...and I'm sure Melanie for SURE doesnt remember.  Neely and I told everyone to go look at Melanie's picture.  WE had a good time!
We later found out that not only were there triplets, but they were ALL girls.  Bless their daddies heart!  We had such fun walking with her through this process of naming them and feeling crazy baby B move around. 

 That crazy baby B shares my middle name!!

Melanie was a trooper.  The next school year, she came to in service and 1 week of classes and then was put on bed rest until they came in November (?).  She was out for the entire semester.  Neely and I were left to deal with a certifiable CRAZY sub, but it was worth it for those healthy babies.  They were born at 35 weeks and spent NOT ONE minute in the NICU.  The hospital said that they were the first set of multiples in 50+ years to get to be in the regular care nursery and go home all together with mommy a few days later. 

Little Miracles!
M., E., and C. Marie

What about you all? 
If you are a teacher, do you have FAVE and WORST days? 
Or just at work in general? 
Share them in the comments or write your own post about them and leave me a comment w/ the link.


Britney K said...

Worst day: The day I set the school on fire... for real.
Best day: The day I left and knew I wasn't going back the next year :) Just kidding... kind of.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello and tell you I am your newest follower! :) Love your blog!

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