Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Chef All Stars!


Are you guys watching this?

(Christmas post will come later...I didnt take many pics, so I am waiting to steal some from the fam)
I SO SO SO SO love Top Chef and have been watching from the start.  I love it all (well, honestly I love most Bravo reality TV...ok, a lot of reality in general!) but I REALLY REALLY love cooking reality shows!  I have been saying that there needs to be an "All Stars" for a long time now and the time has finally come!! 
(pics courtesy of google images)

My sisters and I were watching an episode on DVR over the break and I kept saying "Oh, I just love him/her."  I think I said it to the majority of the chefs.  I was watching yesterdays episode at 1AM this morning...cause thats what you do when your an idiot and drink a coke at 9:30 (Thursday is my LAST day to have I am livin' it up!).  I'm smart like that. 
Anyway, I was watching yesterdays episode and it made me so sad and so happy at the same time.  I was SO happy because I just LOVE me some Fabio.  Seriously love!!

I have never been one to be all crazy for an accent...but man, I just love him to pieces!!  Its the accent, the misuse of English terms, and the sweet innocent puppy dog face that he gives.  I cant help it!  Love him!

I was so sad because Casey was one of my faves and she got the boot!
Seriously, did she deserve it?  Heck no!  Everyone knew who should have gone home, but I guess someone has to go every week.  I am bummed, though.  Guess I'll have to go to Ft Worth and eat at Casey's restaurant.
While I love so many of them, I really like:
Tiffany, this one
NOT this one

BUT, I think my 2 faves are:
 I mean, it doesnt get any funnier than Carla, and seriously, how cute is Tre?!?!

I do NOT like Marcel, Stephen, the other Tiffany, Dale, Jaime (Kick her off already!), and Angelo.

If you are not have GOT to tune in!  Every week, I am like there is not ONE that should get kicked off.  It's crazy tough competition and I am just loving it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Jamie is dating or related to someone at Bravo.

Been curious about Casey's real-world cooking.

Growin' Owens said...

I want to go to Casey's restaurant now too. I LOVED her. Jamie has GOT TO GO!

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