Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rustee Doesn't Like Grad School

(a pic, just cause I think it's a cute one!)

So, Ben started another semester of grad classes on Wednesday.  It's a M/W class, so he's only had 1 (I wrote this Mon afternoon).  I am sad because that means that Ben wont be at Wed night Bible Class with me anymore...AND the fact that Ben studies like a crazy person.  I told him last night that it was fine if he dropped out, that I wouldnt mind at all & he shouldnt feel less about himself b/c his wife holds 2 masters degrees.  :) 

I'm nice and encouraging like that.

Anyway, Ben was studying last night (who the heck studies after one class?!?) and Rustee was driving him BANANAS.  Ben was sitting on the love seat and was reading his text book and Rustee would stand beside him or on his knee with his feet on Ben's chest and just stare at him with his ears perked up.  Ben would ask "what do you want?" and Rustee would cock his head.  Usually this means that he wants to go on a walk. 

Before Christmas, this was becoming a nightly thing.  Rustee wanting to go on walks and bugging Ben about it ALL night.  He will also bring his "food ball" in and drop it at Ben's feet.  Then bring his leash or harness in and drop them at his feet.  Silly boy!

Last night, when we got into bed, Ben was still reading his text book (crazy, right?) which was fine b/c I had gotten sucked into watching "9 Months" and had to see the end.  Such cheese!  Anyway, even in bed Rustee wouldnt leave Ben alone.  He was sitting in between the book and Ben's face and licking him and just being annoying.  We kept telling Rustee to get "off" but he would pop back up on the bed a few seconds later.

As we were going to bed, I said "you know, it's been a while since he's acted like this" and THEN we realized, that the last time we remember him doing this was the list time Ben was studying for his classes.

Silly Dog...he doesnt like his daddy in grad school any more than I do.
We're needy like that!!  :)

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