Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comin' out of the closet


Apparently, last week was 
"International Blog Delurking Week"
(and you guys should know by now how well I am at getting to things on here we are,
a week late, but JUST IN TIME for this blog)  :)

So, it's time to de-lurk! 
I KNOW how many people are reading when I write a new post...
but you people arent letting me know you stopped by.

Who are you? 
Do we know each other?  How?
know OF each other?
or not at all?

I know that I have not been the best about showing love to my readers and followers, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  Wanna join me? 

I'm also super busy at work and having a hard time finding the motivation to blog and what to blog give me a reason to keep it up...and let me know what you want to read!!!

You dont have to have a blog.  Simply click on the "sweet thoughts" link under each post and type your comment.  If you have a blog, you can sign in using that name.  If not, click anonymous and leave your name in the post.

I look forward to seeing who's up for the challenge and getting to know you all!


And just because...a pic that makes me smile!
(that was last Christmas...and dang, my hair has grown a LOT since then!  YEAH!)


Brooke said...

Keep blogging! I love reading your blog!

Kari said...

Keep blogging..don't know you personally but love your comments and such on bf...and we did go to the same college just not sure we went at the same time!!

Kate said...

Hey girl! I can't remember when or how I started reading your blog but now you can't get rid of me :-)

I have always loved the picture in your header (so loving!) and your pretty bows and your beautiful heart as you walk this journey to parenthood. You're going to make it, I just know it.

I had to laugh at your phone's auto correct. I once tweeted(TWEETED if you can believe it!) to my IRL friend "Hey...want to grab a pedicure this weekend?" but my phone did an auto correct and I didn't pay attention and it tweeted as "Hey...want to grab a pedophile this weekend?"

Way to go, Kate.

Jenn said...

I'm a lurker! I found your blog last year while I was living in Kenya for 6 months (volunteering at an orphanage!). The blog pages took so long to load on that crazy Internet, that by the time I'd finished reading, I didn't feel like even loading the comment pages. So I never said anything.

But I've been truly touched and inspired by your posts. And I love your hairbows! I've actually recommended your site to several people -- so honestly, I can't believe I haven't delurked myself already, haha.

Well anyway, I'm Jenn! And it's nice to finally "meet" you. :)

Gretchen said...

Hey, sweetie! I lurk on your site all the time, but never comment for some reason! I come all the time because I love that I can HEAR you say these things, and I can hear your laugh with it; I also come so I can pray over you and Ben each week. Love you guys!

Keep posting the Strina life stories for me.

From your old Sears One West buddy

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