Monday, December 13, 2010

ThanksMas Time!

(you have to sing that title in the tune of that horribly annoying Christmas song)
OK, so I already posted family pics from ThanksMas, but here are some fun pics of the 3 days.

Fun Times were had by all:

Harvey and his 2 Juniors:

There was food galore:
My faves=dumplins, dressin, lima beans, and sweet potato pie!!

Feff was excited about the smoked turkeys!

And even more desserts and goodies!!
MANY MANY cakes, pies, candies...but my 2 faves are the peanut brittle made by my Aunt Pam and the peanut butter bon-bons that I made.  My Aunt Janan used to make them, but since the "situation" they dont come any more.  We went 1 year without them before someone had to step up to bring them.  I took:
1)Peanut Butter Bon-Bons
2) Mint Oreo Balls
3)Strawberry Cake Balls
(there were plenty of "balls" jokes to go around...cause we're classy like that!)

There were lots of presents:
Feff is lovin her LSU snuggie and we ALL love Amber's brown dishes.  These are some that MaMa had that we all wanted pieces of.  Sister "drew" her name and found some at an antique shop in North AR.
(I came home with my own brown dish goodness!!)

And then, every one's (except Ben) FAVE...
Seriously, I could forgo the whole big meal and just eat turkey burgers all week!!!
Brown turkey pieces in a skillet w/ butter,
toast the bun in said skillet w/ butter,
add mayo & cheese

There were (inappropriate) games!

The "post it note" game...every one's new fave!
(I still crack up thinking about this)
that would be a pic of 2 people in bed w/ an arrow pointing between their legs

Here's the progression

2 people in bed...woman is pregnant

to Amber's lovely pic

to God sending lightening to strike the couple in bed.
And it all started with "sleepy stink."

Fun times, fun times!!!

The 2nd Annual Cousin Run Away:
Apparently, everyone wanted to go to "The Bulldog" for lunch on Friday after Thanksgiving.  Who knew it would be so popular?  There were a TON of dogs in the parking lot...and one owner even brought their dog on a leash IN the restaurant...yep...only in AR, folks.

We cant skip the annual singing:
MaMa isnt one for keeping the beat so well:
and Joy cant contain her giggles!
(and Aunt Kathy trying to ignore it all!!)
Oh, Paige, I have no words!!!  This video is GREATNESS!!!!!

So, that's ThanksMas in a minute.  It was a lot of fun.  I take for granted how lucky I am to have a family that likes to be together and are actually friends IRL.  We are all Christians and I forget just how rare that is.  We are all truly blessed (them especially to have ME in their family :) DUH!) and are lucky to have this time together every year.  We are definitely a strange bunch.  WE think we are amusing, but I cant imagine being an outsider coming in...oh goodness! 

Oh kids, lets do it again next year!!

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