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ThanksMas Family Pics

Each year my mom's family gets together at Thanksgiving and celebrates Christmas with her family.  She is the oldest of 6 kids and there are 13 grandkids and now 6 greats.  So, we have deemed this Holiday as ThanksMas.  It's my fave.

Every year, we take family pictures on Friday.  The weekend is spent camped in the "O.R." (gym) of their church and we hike over to the church building and take family pictures.  They are just awful with an awful white and blue background and florescent lights.  It's a horrible time.  People get grouchy and the "Spillmans" start barking orders and "happy family time" turns into "HURRY UP."

This year, I decided that since I had a nice camera, we were going to go up to HU campus (which is just GORGE in the Fall).  I sent an email and told everyone what was what and that we needed to be "joy-pushers."  I told them all to squelch their inner "Tricias" (my mom) and that I would be channeling my inner Tricia.  So, I was in charge, they needed to be happy and listen.  Thankyouverymuch.

Well, it turned out to be 38 degrees outside, and my grandparents ask that we take the pics inside.  So, we started inside and took the group shots and everything that involved MaMa, PaPa, and the grouches that didnt want to go outside. 

I think they turned out AWESOME...what do you think?

Whole Group

MaMa/PaPa w/ kids 
Yes, they have 6 kids...but there is a "situation."

add spouses 

11 of 13 grandkids 

add spouses...minus Paige 


PaPa & his sons

PaPa, Uncle Steve, Warren, Beckett
(oldest son, oldest son, oldest son, oldest son)
Somewhere there is a pic of PaPa's dad (Pa Spillman), PaPa, Uncle Steve, and Warren when he was little.

3 generations of boys

And with the greats... 
Arent these pics greatness!?!?

Wes picking his nose 

PaPa and his daughters

Uncle Jerry is MaMa's brother

LOVE this pic of them!!
Marm & Parps

MaMa and her girls

Marms and her boys

3 generations (we had let PaPa leave by this point)
MaMa, Mom (Tricia), Sister (Michelle), Bryson
(again, all oldest, but Bry ruins the girl theme)

3 generations
MaMa, Uncle Steve, Julie, Whitley

MaMa and her brother, Uncle Jerry

Uncle Steve family 
Warren, Beckett, Pam, Steve, Julie, Whitley, Wade

Julie's Family
(we call her Doodie)

Uncle David family
Melissa, Max, Tyson, Greg, Heather, Wes, David, Sherry

Greg's family
Tricia Family
Ben, Kristina, Julio, Michelle, Bryson, Tricia, Stephanie, Mike

I just love this pic!!!  HAHA! 
Michelle's Family

Now...for those of us who wanted to go outside.  I love these SO much more!!

The original 3 sisters

Betty, Kathy, Tricia

You cant do a "sisters pic" without a laughing one.


Aunt Kathy Family
Amber, Darrell, Justin, Kathy, Joy

Amber & Justin

Amber & Joy
Sisters in Law
They like it! 
Justin Family

Mom & Daughter 
Dad & Son 
Dad & Daughter (love this one!)

Mom & Son

(see...those people that were patient and went outside got MANY more shots and options!!)

Aunt Betty Family
Arnie, Betty, Kelsey 

Dad & Daughter 
serious this time!

Mom & Daughter

Uncle Mike Family
Jacob and Beth representing! 

Kristina's Family 
eh, not a fan of this one

aww...but this one's cute!

Jacob & Beth!

(so if you look at the pic above of the original sisters, we are in the same positions of the personalities that we inherited...Feff does have some Kathy in her, too, though)

Feffy, KK, Sister


Fun Times

And then we found a random statue of "Uncle Bud" so we decided to defile him.
Bryson was picking his nose.

See?  Uncle Bud.
Where's Jacob?  Do you see him?

Jacob harassing UB

Feff's turn

And then we realized UB's hand wasnt in an appropriate place ;)

All the while, Bry is about to fall in the Lilly Fountain 

Then, I made the couples take some pics and they thought I was wierd for wanting to do "stacks."  Whatever.  LOOK HOW CUTE THEY TURNED OUT!!!!

Joy & Justin

Joy had the giggles 
& Ben was in the background!


Jacob and Beth
(Jacob just left for 6 months to do basic training and them some special training for the Air Force...
I am SO SO SO sad for Beth!!!)

(but hey, now she has some cute pics!!)


Seeeesters stack!!
(ignore Ben in the background) 

Add Bryson 
He kept saying "I dont want to sit on top"

THEN...we noticed that the sun was (almost) perfect for some test shots.  Most turned out pretty cute:

Jacob & Beth 

love her hair in this one!!

Justin & Joy 

Joy still had the giggles & Justin wasnt impressed.

"OK, OK, I can do this"


me & Ben

M & Bry

Shantih ladies (and Bry) like to jump...I accidently deleted all the other jumping pics.  OOPS.  I'll upload and add them...there are like 50 and it's a pretty funny progression!!

Now time for some Bryson Man pics!

He was being stubborn and wouldnt look at the camera

...until we told him to smile for Hannah...then he was all grins!

"for Hannah"

This one was a Christmas present for his Hannah!

So, we had a good time and I'm pretty sure the pics are the best in a while.  If you are fam, I'll send a link to print these off or can email them if you want.  ThanksMas fun post coming soon!

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What a beatiful family! Praying for an addition for 2011 :)

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