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Five Question Friday

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1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?
There are just so many to choose from
-the stitches in the back of my ankle, near the Achilles tendon (when I was 6)
-the swing set that fell on my head (when I was 3/4 ish)
-dental work
-YEARS AND YEARS of infertility...lets not even go into the poking and prodding that happens with my legs in the I will go with:

The fall down the stairs.

I know I've written about this before, but I cant seem to find the page to link to it,

The story goes like this:
I was leaving the school on a Friday afternoon to get Ben some shorts for his Halloween costume b/c we were going to a party that night.  My hands were full (candles (that I had already dropped and shattered the glass INSIDE the school), cookie dough, papers to grade, purse) and Neely and Melanie took the handrails walking down the steps.  I was on the outside with nothing between me and the ground when I guess I stepped off my shoe.  I have no clue what happened, but I remember Melanie saying "ooohhhhh, Kriiiiiistttttiiiiinnnnnnaaaa" very slowly and I remember the look on her face.  I then turned my attention to the fall and had enough time to think about NOT landing on my wrist since I had had surgery 2 years before. So, I landed on my head instead. 

Melanie ran inside to get help and Neely said that I tried to get up and "just drive home" and also that she watched my head swell up like a cartoon...within seconds.  So, the school nurse was still there and she ran out with a rag, dabbed my head.  I then hear Sharon, from the front door, say "Lori, should I call" and Lori said "YES."  Then 5 seconds later we heard sirens.  It was then that I started crying.  Honestly, I was worried about the $$ and the inconvenience of everyone.  I dont know the timeline, but during all of this Ben was called and had started heading to the school and then re-called and told to head to "Big Baylor" Hospital downtown.  I had no choice in hospital b/c "all head traumas go downtown." 

Even though I dont remember trying to drive home, I never lost consciousness and was able to answer all of the paramedic's questions.  It seemed like I laid there FOREVER.  I learned later on just how many people were out there watching.. I could only see straight up to the sky and any faces that came into that view. 

Neely picked up all my scattered things, put all but my purse and cell in my car (cookie dough back in the freezer), tried to call my mom for me but we didnt get her...prob a good thing!

I was put on a backboard, in a neck brace, and had my head taped down to the backboard.  I wish I had pics of this!!  Anyway, I was taken downtown.  Neely rode in the front of the ambulance and Ben met us there.  He got there right as we did, but I didnt get to see him or talk to him.  He and Neely waited in the waiting room until they called family back...Ben came back and Neely waited on another teacher from school to pick her up.  By the time we got to the hospital, the school had already called the school district who had already called the hospital and gave them all the info they needed.  I dont remember even signing a single paper. 

They tried to cut my tee shirt off of me but I didnt let them b/c it was a 2003 LSU National Champs shirt.  They talked about putting in a catheter, but I cried and they decided not to.  They came and took ex-rays of my arms and legs and then I had a CT scan.  While I was in CT, the paramedics had brought someone else back to the hospital and stopped in to check on me...but only got to talk to Ben.  I was taken off the bck board and then sat and sat and sat waiting to get any more help. 

My eye was totally swollen shut and I know I was looking HOT. I told Ben, "it's prob a good thing that Neely came with my and you came from work...otherwise 'I fell down the stairs' isnt too convincing with the way I look."  Finally at 11PM, they came back and said I was fine and could go home.  I couldnt MOVE from the pain, but I was free to go home.  Awesome.  So, we walked through the waiting room with everyone thinking that Ben was an abuser!!!

We got home and totally missed the Halloween Party.  We were supposed to go in our 80s garb and our friends were going as white trash.  If we had made it out in time, we thought about stopping by and adding to the white trash scene since I looked abused and all!  But we missed it.  Our friends Micah and Sherrill were kind enough to call and Micah took Ben back to the school that night to get my car since we didnt want to leave it overnight..and Sherrill sat with me.  Sunday morning, I didnt go to church, but Micah/Sherrill and Scott/Jana were awesome enough to bring lunch to us! 

I missed 3 days of work that were filled with more x-rays on my jaw and other things, pregnancy tests (the test in the hospital came back + b/c of the HCG shot I had a couple of days before), lots of naps, and talks with the workers comp people at school.  Little did I know that those 3 days that THEY suggested/forced me to take  would be docked from MY sick days.  Oh well, it all worked out.

The next day,,,already smiling & looking better.  I had bruises for the better part of 2 weeks, but makeup helped!! 
I personally, think it's a funny story now...since it had a good ending...NOT EVEN A CONCUSSION.  However, the people that were there are not quite to the laughing part with me...they are pretty traumatized still.

2. How much sleep do you get at night?
You know, I think I am IN BED for about 7 hrs a night....but I do NOT get that much sleep.  I lay awake for a long time and then wake up a LOT during the night and lay there some more. 

In college, I thought I had died and gone to heaven if I got 5 hrs of sleep!  I have had a couple of those nights lately and it just wipes me out!!

3. How long did you believe in Santa Claus? How did you find out that he does not exist?
I dont even know.  I started to NOT believe and my mom kept doing things to keep the faith alive.  Like one year, I got a ribbon with bells on it that was "from Rudolph's harness." 

When my students asked me about it, I always say that Santa comes to my house, but I dont know about theirs.  I love the magic that's involved!

4. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
ummm...I dont even know.  We go occasionally, but I guess it's been a while cause I cant remember.  I'm thinking it was something "boy" related and that I didnt care too much about it.  It obviously didnt make an impression.

5. What do you wear to bed?
Usually a tank top/cami and either just underwear or some boxer shorts.  I HATE HATE HATE feeling claustrophobic at night!!!!  SOCKS are a HUGE no-no!!!!  These feet have to breathe.  I love PJ pants, but I toss around so much that they just get all tangled up.  I have a TON and I usually just take them off and leave them beside the bed in case I need them during the night.  If we have company, I wear some athletic shorts and a tank and leave a tee shirt that I can throw on if needed. 

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