Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bake Debate

So, I like to bake.  A LOT.  I like to cook, but I REALLY like to bake.  There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, but get into the kitchen and whip up something yummy.  I remember when I was a little girl pulling up a stool (the black stool from the Only in AR post below!) and watching and helping my MaMa make something yummy.  

Last night I was making Chicken n' Dumplins (that turned out AMAZING!!!) and Ben said something about my biscuit making skills as I was rolling them out in flour to cut into pieces.  I was informing him that when making BISCUITS, you must not kneed the dough, but for dumplins' you want to kneed them quite a bit.  So, we had a discussion about learning such things in my MaMa's kitchen.  

Man, if only I had some butter beans (lima beans) to go with the would have been pure Southern comfort food at it's best!!!  

ANYWAY...when making the biscuits I started thinking about the flour I use.  See, I learned to bake using this (not this brand, but the "self rising" part): 

And cannot for the LIFE of me get a recipe to turn out right using this:

I dont know what it is.  I have heard that "true" bakers use All Purpose ALL the time.  Maybe I am not a TRUE baker...but I am just so used to Self Rising that I dont know what to do when I have to add my own soda/powder/salt!!! 

When making a recipe from my MaMa, Mom, or sisters...I know that "flour" means the Self Rising kind.  When making a NEW recipe, I just know to ignore the above ingredients and add my Self Rising flour. 

Ben picked up some flour for me at the store not too long ago...and what did he come home with?  That's right...ALL PURPOSE flour.  And not just a 5 lb bag...but a BIGGER than normal bag.  It sat out forEVER waiting for him to take it home, but he never did *SIGH* so we are stuck with this gi-nor-mous bag of flour that I am scared of.  We bought the appropriate sodas/powders/salts so that I can use it, but it's just such a hassle.  I have gone through 2 or 3 bags of Self Rising and still have the All Purpose still sitting on the shelf.  The only thing I have used it in is the Pioneer Woman's biscuits.  They are pretty tasty and the recipe is a bit more reliable than my MaMa's (which come out PERFECTLY for her every time but seem like a 50/50 shot for anyone else using that recipe).  So, I have made a couple of successful recipes of biscuits using the All Purpose, but that's a new recipe.  I dont even know HOW to begin incorporating it into my family recipes...which is what I use a majority of the time. 

I've noticed that when buying my Self Rising flour that the selection seems to be SHRINKING.  There is no longer a choice of brands...but usually only 1 brand to be found.  This scares me...please never go away Self Rising Flour...I may have to quit cooking all together!!

What about you guys...anything that is a TRIED and TRUE tradition in your cooking (or cleaning or anything)??  What kind of flour do you use?

{Hows that for a random post of things on my mind?}
Much love,


Moore Memories said...

I was lost after the first paragraph...will you host a cooking class for me? I mean it!!!

Leah said...

Ha! Holly that is so funny! I think a cooking class would be fun. What if we got together to cook several dinners that we can freeze???

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