Monday, October 18, 2010

Only in AR

Several weeks back, Ben and I had made plans for the weekend that fell through.  I was talking to my sister who said that they were celebrating my grandmother's (MaMa's) 79th Birthday.  My sister lives right beside my MaMa and PaPa and I have 1 cousin in school at Harding (in the same town) and 2 cousins and their wives that live they were all getting together on Sat.  Plus, my aunt Kathy would be there dropping her daughter off at school.  So, Ben and I decided to make the trek and spend the weekend in small town AR with some fam.

MaMa lit her own candles.
I love the smell of matches!

Bry was excited to sing and watch!

SO my PaPa

This is his seat at the bar...his leg was injured in "the war" and he has to sit on a stool at the bar.  It's so normal for all of us.  This is also his "cooling down shirt."  He puts it on when he comes in from outside to "cool down."  I guess it's well ventilated?  HAHA.  SO cute!

Can I just add that it was 185 degrees this weekend?  I have never sweated so much...well, that's not true...but maybe I should say that I have never sweated that much INSIDE an air conditioned house.  My MaMa and sister both seem to like their houses at a cool 85 degrees.  And, when we went shopping, none of the stores had AC.  HELLO...this was not THAT backwoods...I was dripping all weekend.  SICK.

MarMar reading her card from ParPar

Oh, look, $$$.

Showing off her gift from ParPar

So, there's a running joke around some of us b/c my grandmother underlines words in the cards that she mails us.  Lately, she has underlined EVERY word and double and triple underlined the important ones.  It's cute, but we get a good laugh out of it.  THIS is the card from my PaPa to MaMa...LOOK AT THE UNDERLINES. I love it!!!!!! 
I love the "Love, Harvey" even more.

This is what Ben and I got her. She always was so good about taking each grandkid on a "special day" and letting us pick the restaurant (how many times did she have to suffer through McD's?) and then would go buy us something special (but cheap) usually from Wal-Mart.  She even did this when I was in college and living in this small AR town.  She is trying to carry it on with the great-grandkids, now, too.

Great-grandson, Tyson enjoying the cake

Bry and sister at PaPa's bar

OK, remember my post about things that seemed SO normal to me growing up?  Well, re-read it HERE if you need to!  I would like to share with you a few things...proof...from that post.

this is the bebe gun that PaPa keeps next to his barstool in the kitchen.  There are not many meals that go by that he doesnt grab the gun, open the window above the sink, and shoot something.  It used to be "the starlings" but now I dont even know.

See?  right next to the bar stool.

fuzzy wall paper!!!!  (we had some in our house in LA, too, but MarMar has it in 3 rooms in her house)  This is the dining room.  I think its supposed to be metallic behind the fuzz.  All of this "yellow" is fuzzy.

a distant view in the dining room.

lights in the bathroom...see the pink?
yep...more fuzz.  Not sure what this color is supposed to have been?

And finally, the master bath.

distant view.  Red w/ silver metallic behind it.

umm...I actually LOVE this pattern and color...get rid of the fuzz (all of the red is fuzzy) and I love it!

more MaMa's closet

And again by PaPa's closet

Look at those cuties!!!!

My handsome grandfather!  I love this pic of him!

PaPa's "shop" where he keeps all his bike parts.  If you cant find him, just look out here!  Many many house sent in this shop and driveway!!

looking at their house from the shop driveway.  Notice the Martin houses...that's what he had to keep the starlings away from.

back porch

behind this swing is our "playhouse."  That's right...this is how we roll in the South!

The front of the house w/ PaPa's "bikes" out front to sell.

Bry loving on Rustee and Ben.
(Ben sitting on the bed that we broke...OOPS!)

The bike that I came home with.

It was fun getting away from the big city for a while. Small town is fun, but I do NOT want to live there.  It was fun to step back and slow down for a weekend.  I saw a lot of family and some old friends at church on Sunday.  It was a great weekend.  Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my "normal" growing up!!


beloved of the king said...

oh the bb gun...

The Resneder Family said...

Absolutely Love this post! Something about family that makes me smile

Anonymous said...

my mom still underlines in cards, and makes everyone in the house sign their own sig - I guess we're both Southern, cuz none of those pics seemed weird to me
Jenn Goff Sale

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