Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh teeth!

This is a very random post about teeth. 

I hate teeth! 

The WORST part about teaching 1st grade were all the loose teeth and teeth falling out.  My stomach would be in my throat is a kid walked up and showed me his/her loose was worse if they stuck their tongue through it.  SICK.  I had to send them all to the nurse if one fell out during the day.  SICK, again. 

I think part of it goes back to my own teeth when I was little.  I had HUGE roots on my teeth and they could be so loose that they were just barely hanging on, but they had to be YANKED out by my mom.  (my mom taught elem school, too, and she was the one teacher that all the kids came to (sent by teachers AND parents) to get their teeth pulled.)  I remember MANY times, kneeling on the ground and mom using a wash rag to get a good grip on a tooth and just pulling SO SO SO hard that my face was shaking at the resistance.  OUCH!  I didnt have many just "fall out" on accident.  It was awful.

I started orthodontia when I was around 8 and had SOMETHING in my mouth from that time until I was 16 or 17.  We had many "soft" meals on the nights after ortho appts.  (Ben had braces until he was 17 or our poor kids have NO NO NO chance...maybe we should start saving now!)

There is nothing like tooth pain!

So, why am I writing about teeth?  Cause I have been to the dentist 3 times in the last month.  We were going to a dentist regularly until 07 when I was on blood thinners.  My docs recommended that I NOT go to the dentist during that 6 months. So, the dentist called a million times and finally took me off their calling list.  When Ben would go in for a cleaning, I would tell him to schedule me w/ his next appt, but he always forgot.  So, I hadnt been since 2007.  OOPS! 

I went to a new dentist for a cleaning in September.  The place is new in Rockwall and is called Floss.  We got a flyer in the mail saying that you get a free Zoom! whitening with a cleaning and x-rays.  I had insurance through MY work that was good through Sept and covered cleanings/x-rays 100%.  SCORE.  So, I made an appt and went.  She said that my teeth looked AWESOME, but that there were some fillings that I needed to get replaced.  FIVE of them.  Yes, 5.  UGG.  So, yeah for me for having good reward?...5 fillings!  I scheduled the appt for the fillings for 2 weeks away and then the whitening the week after that. 

Well, come to find out...Ben's dental insurance (which I also have) had a better price for the fillings (mine was better for the cleaning).  However, mine was the primary insurance until it expired at the beginning of October.  SO, (following?) I canceled the filling appt and made it for the beginning of Oct when they could file on Ben's dental insurance. 

I went in for my whitening appt as scheduled.  It was OK.  My teeth whitened 2 shades whiter.  I got 2 free 10/15 min sessions with the zoom whitening.  It was a CRAZY experience!  They stick the thing in the hold your mouth open and your tongue back and then shove gauze all around.  They then put this stuff over your gums (found out later that it hardened like plastic), put stuff on your teeth, lather sunscreen all over your lips and mouth, and leave you to sit and watch TV.  They said if I felt any pain to squeeze this dog toy that they put in my hand.  Well, I was OK until right at the end.  They warned that my teeth might be sensitive for 3 days and to take aspirin for the pain.  I thought, "will it be that bad?"  Well, right at the end I felt this jarring pain in my bottom teeth.  My bottom teeth are very sensitive b/c of some ortho work back in the day...and all of the sudden it was like a sledge hammer had hit my bottom teeth.  I turned from the lighting for a second and thought about squeezing the dog toy.  But, it was over in a minute or 2 and the ladies came to take all that jazz out of my mouth.  She asked about pain and said that some people get "zingers" from sensitivity.  ZINGERS...that's exactly what I had.  I knew what she was talking about and said I got one right at the end.  She again said to take aspirin and then gave me Sensodine to use that night.  Umm...NO KIDDING. These "zingers" happened about every 2 minutes.  The first few brought tears to my eyes.  They were AWFUL!  I was a HUGE baby all day and tried to keep my bottom teeth covered by my lips at all times.  This was seriously one of the most miserable feelings I have EVER had.  AWFUL.  Before I went to bed, I used the toothpaste and took some meds.  It was like INSTANT relief.  I wish I had tried earlier in the day.  The next day was more zingers here. 

OK, so, skip to October...more specifically, this past Monday.  I go in for my 5 re-fillings.  Let me tell you a little something else...for the most part, I dont get numbed when I get fillings done.  WHAT?!?!  After all this talk about teeth pain, it seems crazy...but it's true.  In high school., my dentist was doing a filling and someone was gone that he needed to be there in order to numb me, so he said he was going to try w/ no anesthesia.  Fine.  He said if it got too bad, he would stop and we could continue the next day.  So, he starts drilling.  There was about 5 seconds of "HOLY CRAP I AM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE EYEBALL" and then it was over.  I was filled and walked out like nothing had happened.  No pain.  No numbness.  Able to eat what I wanted.  PERFECT. So, I have just done this from then on.  Most people think I am INSANE, but y'all, that shot hurts me for a week at least and this was 5 seconds.  I love it. 

Well, because there were 5 of these and because they were "re-dos" that were going deep they insisted that they numb.  Fine.  I sat in the chair with my hands wrapped around the arm rests gripping like there was no tomorrow.  My back was arched and I was bracing for it.  OH MY WORD.  I hate those shots.  I have to close my eyes when they are going in...I just cant watch!  So, I had 2 fillings on the top right...2 on the top left and 1 on the bottom left.  I was a huge bag of numbiness.  When I finished, she told me to bite down and check my bite.  I was like "ummm...I have no idea...I just feel cotton face."  So, I leave and head to work.  My left side of my face was seriously numb up to my eyeball.  Really...I kept touching my eyelashes and could feel nothing.  {Somewhere on the highway, I had the ingenious idea to try to put on lip gloss since my lips hurt from holding my mouth open for an hour...I think I kip-glossed my entire cheek and chin!!}  My right side was OK, but my left side felt huge and just awful.  Sure enough, it started to wear off and the pain began.  Those shot spots hurt like the crazy dickens.  I could barely open my mouth to put a spoon/fork in.  It is 4 days later and I still cant open all the way.  I am still in pain (not as much, but pain none the less).  Last night I was whining to Ben about it and he said "do you need to go back and have them check it out?"  I said "NO, this is why I never get numbed.  This always happens to me."  Does this happen to anyone else?  I was putting on my makeup this morning and hit a sore spot on my cheek and had to cringe. 


I like to think that w/ all this infertility CRAP that has gone on, that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain (Ben seems to think that I do)...I mean, I dont get numbed for normal teeth drilling...but seriously, I just hate teeth...and teeth pain is just the WORST.

Can I get a little cheese with my whine?  

That's it...just a random post about my teeth!  Good bye.

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trooppetrie said...

I can handle anything, childbirth, surgery. fillings and teeth pulled but I can not stand to have my teeth cleaned. I cry like a baby. I can not stand having someone set over me for that long.

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