Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giuliana & Bill

Are you guys watching this show?  I havent watched last night's episode, yet, but I am sure I will cry through it.  If you haven't watched, last season we watched them go through an unsuccessful IUI and contemplate IVF.  They did IVF and retrieved 8 eggs and successfully fertilized 5 of them (right, 5?).  They got pregnant on the first try...it was the first episode of the season.  But, in the episode last night, they go for their sonogram and there is not a heartbeat.  I think I'm gonna have a hard time watching that.

I SO SO SO love that they are putting all of this out there...but hate it for them.  They have gotten some flack for it, but as someone who is going through it all...it is SO refreshing to have Hollywood air the "real struggles" that they are going through.  They don't gloss over anything (although they didn't show the weeks of shots prepping for the IVF) and really show the ups and downs that they are going through.  This season is going to be heartbreaking to watch.  I truly hate to see other people struggling like this.  It sucks to be going through it, personally, but it's hard to watch others go through it too.  I just want to give Giuliana a BIG hug and pat her back and tell her that I (WE) understand EXACTLY what she's going through.  Bless her heart.

So, go find this show on the Style Network, set your DVR, and watch with me.

Infertility sucks.

Where's a TLC reality show about that?


*Courtney* said...

I watched some of it last season...I was so interested to find out if they got preggo or not, but Dish pulled that channel out from under us. You'll have to keep me updated. So sad they lost the first baby. You're right, infertility does suck. Wish that sweet Christian couples, like you and Ben, that really want children didn't have to go through that. Especially when 16 year olds are getting knocked up on accident....God has a plan and we have to remember that! :) Love ya!

Elisabeth said...

Infertility does suck! We too have been trying since 2006, and we got pregnant in 2009. But our son was born asleep due to problems with his placenta. His name was Lukas "luke" ethan and he was born on October 22, 2009. Yes his first heavenly birthday is friday.

Courtney, I feel so bad for you. We had dish services for a while it was some sort of special package. Well we paid for them to put in the dish and everything then less than 6 months later they decide to discontinue that programing in favor of streaming it via a cable connection.

We now have direct tv and never have a problem with having channels pulled. Oh and we also would have the dish people call every day (there are three call centers) trying to get us to sign up with them when we were ALREADY customers! They finally stopped calling when we canceled our service. They also have rude customer service. At least that's been my experience.

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