Monday, August 9, 2010

There's a Fountain Free

There's a fountain free
'tis for you and me

let us haste, oh, haste to it's brink

tis the fount of love
from the source above
and it bids us all freely drink
Will you come?
Dear Freefill cup,
You have been the death of me this Summer! 
But, I love you more than you will ever know!
I have not drank (drunk?) caffeine regularly in 4 years...but what the heck, right?  We are not trying for a baby, so why not?  After all, Ben suggested you to me.  As you know, we started out with 1 of you and quickly discovered that we were not a one-cupper household.  We added to our cuppage..  We paid $6.99 for you and within 2 days had filled you up 10 times.  Since RaceTrac is the closest thing to our house, this has been so easy!!  (not to mention the walking distance to Ben's office and the drives to and from class for him)  A quick turn in each morning on the way to work has gotten me through some LONG work days.  I dont know how to live without you anymore. The only issue I have with you is that it is not easy to get from the station back to the house as there is not a good left turn back onto our road. But did this stop us? 
Not one bit.  
What a welcomed guest you (my green cup) and your blue counterpart have been to our house this Summer.  And oh the conversations that you have started!  Everyone seems to have a FreeFill cup of their own and if they dont, we have told them how to get one.  I will forever love and remember the choice of fountain or frozen drink...and OH the number of flavors...and the added cherry!!!
We have 1 more month with you (and caffeine) and then we are done.
Forever. Cut off. 
This will hurt me more than it will hurt you.
Trust me. I miss you already.
Not looking forward to Sept 6th

1 comment:

Leah said...

Oh how I have been feeling the same way!! What will I do without my daily trips to RaceTrac??? We will all go through withdrawals together!

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