Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, Belly!

Oh the drama that my belly button has created!!  The last weekend of July, Ben and I were scheduled to be at camp.  ChristianWorks was chosen to host a  in the DFW area for grieving kids. (it was Ahhh-MAZ-ing, but more on that later) 
Anyway, the weekend BEFORE camp I noticed that my abdomen was hurting.  I had gotten a new pair of pants and it felt bruised where the button would be.  But, the pants weren't tight, so I didnt know what it could be.  It really started aching through the day on Monday and got so bad that I couldnt stand up straight.  It was SO painful!  By Monday night, I was really complaining to Ben about it and there was a lump that I let him feel on the bottom side.  I was baffled.  But in pain.  "Dr. google" had diagnosed me with:  a) appendicitis  or  b) a hernia.  Normally, I would have just watched it, but since we were headed to camp Thursday night I knew I couldnt just sit around and wait.  When I woke up Tuesday morning it hurt SO bad and had a big red simi-circle going down my belly (in a leaf shape).  So, I crawled back in bed and told Ben that I would go into work later, but had to get to a Dr.  But what Dr do I go to?!?!  He left & I fell back asleep.  At 9 I woke up and decided to call Dr T, Dr Casey, and then a family Dr that we have seen a time or 2 in Rowlett and see whoEVER could get me in.  I called Dr T (my obgyn) first and said that I was having "abdominal pain."  What was I supposed to say?  He could see me at 1.  PSHEW!  So, I went back to sleep until it was time to get ready to go in. 

I didnt THINK that I had a hernia, but I didnt know.  By the time the appt came around, that is what I was expecting it to be.  I was already prepping myself to call Ben and say that I needed surgery.  But, it wasnt a hernia.  Dr T looks in my belly button and says "What in the world?"  Umm...that's never good.
Turns out, I have a skin abscess.  Gross.  I have an old scar from a laperoscopy (that he did) and somehow this skin abscess grew underneath it.  So, he proceeded to get his nurse to bring him a scalpel.  I guess I was expecting him to numb me up...but NO.  NOTHING.  He just took the scalpel and made a little incision in my belly.  I felt bad for his other patients...cause his walls arent thick...and I wasnt quiet.  I had my hands under my back and I was "singing" a nice high pitched noise.  3 times he took the scalpel to my stomach.  THREE TIMES.

He drained it, took a culture to make sure it wasnt MRSA, and was going to leave it...but then had a brilliant idea to pack it.  So, he takes about 8 inches of this iodine soaked packing gauze and says "this will hurt."  Gee...thanks.  The 8 inches of packing material went INTO my belly button.  Again...singing...or more like crying out in pain this time.  He put a bandaid over it and gave me an antibiotic to take 3 times a day.
photo by choupigloupi
I was good to go to camp, but he said it's a good thing I came in.  He said it wasnt a bas abscess, as far as abscesses go, but that it had gotten so bad so fast that I wouldnt have made it through the weekend.  OUCH.

After that appt, I hobble into work and see 3 clients before heading home.  Oh.my.word.  I was in SO much pain!!!  I told Ben that I felt like I had had minor surgery.  I couldnt button my pants and couldnt stand up straight.  I went to change my band-aid that night and made Ben come and stand beside me.  I have a weak stomach sometimes and the thought of something coming out of my belly button about made me pass out.  It wasnt bad...it was all packed in there except for the very tip.  I gagged when I saw it, though. Sick.
photo by dospaz
By the time I got out to camp it was better, but not great.  I was still hunched over Thursday night & the packing had come out a little more.  I just had to ignore it and not look.  By Friday it was hanging out about 4 inches...again, I couldnt look...and I for SURE couldnt pull it out.  I thought it had torn b/c it disappeared sometime during the day on Friday.  Nothing else came out...so I assume it fell out somewhere (GROSS!) cause it's not in there anymore. 

Why must things always be such an ordeal with me?!?  Why can nothing be normal?  I do love my Dr T, though and the way he is so calm and makes me so calm about whatever is happening.  I hadnt been to him in over a year since we were seeing Dr P, so it was a good reminder of how much I love him and why I love him so!  I went back a week later  for a normal exam and he checked out my belly button and said that it looks great. Then he said "strangest thing I've ever seen." Thanks Dr T!

What's the strangest thing that has happened to YOUR belly button? 
(I have seen/heard of lice in someone's belly button)

(and now, I dont ever need to use the words "belly button" again...this has been enough, thanks.)


Ronnica said...

Ouch...glad you had it checked out!

Ronnica said...

Ouch...glad you had it checked out!

Ronnica said...

Whoa, double posted...sorry about that!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I couldn't imagine my belly button packed with gauze...

How are you feeling now?

I once had an abscess on my tailbone. I started out like a little pea and only hurt when my clothes rubbed against it, but then it killed because the skin was stretched so tight as it grew. I finally couldn't bear it anymore and went to the walk-in clinic to have it treated. It was like heaven once he drained it.

And now you know a little more about Kate.

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