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Friday & Saturday in Hawaii--Sunday & Monday back home!

**oh my stars...this was supposed to post FOREVER ago on it's own & never did...see how well I pay attention!  I started to NOT post it b/c it's almost embarrassing at this point, but oh well...takes me back:**

Friday-Sleeping in, Waikiki Beach, Sailing, Birthday!!!, & Fireworks:

Friday, I woke up "in my 30's."  Sad day!  Just kidding...there is no better way than to spend your 30th Birthday in Hawaii!!  Since we turned in our rental car on Thursday, Friday was for relaxing around Waikiki.  We enjoyed sleeping late and ate a quick lunch in the room and once again got our bag ready for the beach!!  We had a sailing trip booked at 3, so we didnt take the big camera with us. 

We enjoyed laying on the beach, hanging out in the water, and reading until a little before 3.  It was a cloudy day and sprinkled on us a couple of times.  We had a buy one get one free catamaran sailing trip coupon from our Wyndam tour earlier in the week.  So, at 3 we walked over to the boat, signed our lives away, and took off our flip-flops & left them in a box.  We climbed aboard the boat and sat on the netting.  The guys running the boat, took our bag & put it in a dry box.  We kept the small camera with us.

leaving the beach behind!

The sailing tour lasted around two and a half hours.  There were 6-8 other tourists on board, so we had lots of room!!  There were also 4-5 workers...the one that had the most interactions with us was "Rabbit."  The waves were pretty choppy and we got sprayed by the water a few times.

Look how pretty it was looking AWAY from land!!!

but look at the beach!

It kept getting cloudier and cloudier, darker and darker.

As we headed back it became harder and harder to see Waikiki!
The Gilligan's Island song kept playing in my head

"three hour tour"

The temp dropped a LOT and Rabbit asked if we wanted jackets.  We were cold, but OK, so we declined.
As we headed back towards the beach, the temp dropped about 30 degrees.

We look back after the initial drop in temp and this is what we see

this is when we thought..."uh-oh, what do they know about what's coming that we dont know?!?!"
Then, we put the camera under Ben's shirt to keep it simi-dry.
At one point, it started raining and the HUGE rain drops were just PELTING us straight on!  It hurt SO badly!!  Rabbit came and stood in front of Ben and me blocking the rain from us during the hardest times.  It kept raining, but the drops didnt hurt as bad.  It was scary for a while!!  When we got back to land, we were soaked, but had a great story!  I heard the captain tell one of the guys on land "that was a pretty nasty squall, there."  I'm just glad he didnt say that in the middle of the trip.  We walked back to the room to shower and get ready for my Birthday dinner at The Ocean House.

The day might have been cloudy, but it made a GORGEOUS sunset!!!!

Even though we had asked for a table by the open window, we had to wait a while.  The Hilton on Waikiki does fireworks every Friday night and we knew that we would be able to see them from a table by the window.  We had to wait a while, but it paid off.  We were seated and ordered just in time for the fireworks to start!

my hot date!

And they started!!

We had a great view!!!!

Then our food came!  I ordered the same Prime Rib New Orleans and an Aloha Berry!!!!!!!!  Ben ordered a regular Prime Rib and a passion fruit rum tea.

After dinner, we walked around the beach...down to the Hilton, up through Waikiki and around the beach walk.  We ended up renting a movie from the front desk and watching tucked in our covers w/ a freezing hotel room (perfection!!)
I dont have pictures, just stories from these 3 days.
Our flight leaving Hawaii wasnt until 9PM Saturday we had a whole other day on the beach.  We had to check out of the room by 11, but the hotel stored our luggage for us.  MY thought was to leave clothes to change into near the top of our suitcases and rent chairs from the hotel to sit on the beach all day.  Ben didnt think things through and suggested we just walk around town and the beach in the clothes we were flying in.  So, we went with his idea.  Except, that he made me wear compression stockings (up to my thighs...on both legs) so I had to wear jeans on the plane.  It was SUPER hot on Saturday, so I refused to walk around in jeans.  So, I wore shorts and decided to change later (again, why this didnt occur to Ben to do w/ swimsuits is beyond me!).  We started off by walking down to the International Market Place.  We bought souvenirs for ourselves and a few friends and had lunch.  We took the bags back to our suitcases and switched them out for our books.  We were SO hot at this point that we just wanted to sit inside to read for a while.  We headed over to the Outrigger Hotel and read inside and I ended up falling asleep.  We walked down the beach and got another shave ice then ended up back at the Outrigger.  We found some chairs near the pool but in the shade of umbrellas.  We sat down and I got Ben to move a 2nd chair up to mine so that I could prop my feet up.  It ended up creating a little bed and I was OUT!!!  I woke up to one guy saying "LSU baby" after seeing my shirt and then trying to discuss the oil spill.  Umm...hello...I was asleep!!!  I fell right back to sleep...I felt bad for sleeping our last day away, but I am glad I got SOME sort of sleep!!!!  We moved to the park across from the beach and sat under a palm tree to read some more.  We took in our last minutes of Hawaii.
We had a shuttle picking us up for the airport at 6.  We headed back about 5:30 and I went to get changed.  I was already mad about having to wear these stockings...and to have to put them on in a bathroom stall was no easy task!!  I only had a blood clot in ONE leg and had to wear stockings up to my knee for 6 months.  However, for 2 of the surgeries I have had, they have made me wear toe less compression stockings up to my thighs.  So, Ben decides that I need to wear THESE on BOTH legs.  Over-react much?!?
I was sweaty from being outside all day and walked into the bathroom to find that it was NOT air conditioned.  It was SO hot in there!  I was in tears by the end.  I was doing a "panty-hose dance" like NONE other.  I thought I was going to have to yell down to the 1st floor for Ben to come help me!  I decided that I didnt care about privacy and just walked around the whole bathroom trying to get them on.  Thankfully no one came in!  When I walked back down to the 1st floor I walked by Ben and said "I hate you so much right now."  He just laughed.  I was not laughing!  We sat and waited on our shuttle, then boarded and went to 2 other hotels to pick up other shuttle people.  One of the hotels was a nice hilt0n and I was SHOCKED at how far away it was from the beach.  Again...we were SO SO lucky!

Remember our luck getting boarding passes, turning in luggage, and getting through security in DFW?  (it only took 6 minutes)  Well, I guess the airport gods were with us b/c we got through in under 10 minutes again!!  Granted, it was close to 8 on a Sat night.  We found a restaurant to eat at (not great...but still local and nothing we could get in the states) and had dinner before our LONG venture home.  When we walked up to the gate, they were asking for "bumpers" and I got excited.  (Remember, that is how we got to go on this trip...half of our airfare was covered by vouchers from being bumped)  Ben was NOT excited, however.  I still wanted to ask about it (there was a direct flight to DFW that was what if we could bump and get vouchers and then get on that flight?) but by the time we agreed to ask, they had it taken care of.  Prob better that way!  We boarded and began our 5 hour flight to LAX sometime after 9PM Hawaii time. 
I didnt sleep at all.  It was MISERABLE.  Ben dozed off and on.  I wanted the movie "When in Rome" which was AWFUL and a BIG waste of time...but what the heck else was there to do?!? 
We landed at LAX somewhere around 7AM California time (9AM Dallas time and 2AM Hawaii time) and got some breakfast while we waited a little more than an hour to re board and head home.  Again, I didnt sleep much on the flight...I was just ready to be home!!!
We landed at DFW and the FIRST thing I did was find a bathroom and take OFF those stupid compression leg things.  We then got our luggage, shuttled to find our car (that Tim & Leah had dropped off for us), and headed HOME.  We stopped at Panda Express to grab food to take home w/ us.  We got home, loved on Rustee Blue, ate, and just walked around in a daze for a while.  Then, we gave in and crawled into bed...we woke up around 9PM that night.  We should have stayed there...but NOOOO...we got up and figured we would be back in bed in a few hours.
I skipped to Monday b/c we actually ended up staying up until 3AM.  We crawled into bed and fell asleep...and didnt wake up until 3PM on Monday.  We were SO lucky that it was Memorial Day and that we had the day to catch up.  We had dinner w/ Tim & Leah that night and the Sorrells came over to have some fun, too!!  When we got home, we were WIDE awake and once again were up until 3AM.  We crawled into bed and after being there a good while, Ben said "I'm not tired" and I said "me either!  and I'm's 7PM Hawaii time"  Then, we laid there forEver before having to get up for work the next day.  Our clocks were SO messed up...granted we wernt the best about making ourselves go to bed at night, but it took a good week (or longer) to get used to.

When can we go back?!?!? 

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