Monday, August 23, 2010


I Always:
  • love a clean house!
  • feel guilty if I dont cook a big supper
  • love my accent
  • navigate in the car
  • sleep with the room cold
  • wanted to be a mommy when I grew up
  • hate talking on the phone
  • love to bake on Sunday afternoon
  • crunch ice
  • gag when cleaning out the fridge
  • get nervous when introducing myself to new people
  • crave sno-cones in the winter
  • sing in the car
  • love seeing old friends!
  • wear makeup
  • love being a Southern girl!

I Sometimes:
  •  make the bed
  • speed
  • sleep with 2 fans on
  • wake up screaming in the middle of the night b/c there are huge spiders (or ducks) attacking me
  • take VERY long Sunday afternoon naps 
  • have to admit that I'm wrong
  • wear all 5 earrings
  • rock myself to sleep
  • want to get my doctorate degree
  • bake/cook the UGLIEST things that taste so good!
  • did my homework
  • pretend not to see someone that I knew "way back when" just in case they dont remember memory is crazy & I dont want to freak them SOMETIMES I wait for them to say something.
  • want to move back "home"
  • still say "yes/no ma'am" and "yes/no sir"
I Never:
  • get enough sleep
  • wear shoes with toes in the Summer
  • eat boiled eggs
  • see/smell hard boiled eggs without gagging
  • like to sweat
  • get lost
  • stop learning
  • re apply lipstick
  • use all purpose flour
  • read assignments/study
  • read my Bible enough
  • get enough time w/ the sisters
  • thought I would be 30 and not have kids of my own 


Brooke said...

Somebody has got to do research on why Sunday naps are the absolute best.

The Resneder Family said...

Love this post and thankful for your friendship!

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