Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday in Hawaii

Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, bye car, beach, dinner
So, Thursday was our last day with our rental car.  We knew that there was several things we wanted to get done while we still had the car.  It was due at 5.  But, we would have to get the snorkel equipment back to Snorkel Bob's before we turned the car back in.

The first thing on the agenda was to hike Diamond Head Crater.  The only problem with this was that I could barely bend my knee from twisting it at Manoa Falls.  We knew that the hike wasnt supposed to be TOO bad, but at the end there was 99 steps.  Going up would be fine, but I was having a hard time walking DOWN steps.  You cant go down steps w/out bending your knees, you know!

So, Ben woke up and drove to Diamond Head and hiked it by himself.  I was sad not to go with him, but glad that he went on without me!  I knew that he would love it.  I got to sleep in and then went to read on the roof of the hotel at the pool.  I dont know many stories, but here are some pics from Diamond Head:

Ben knows how I love a good diagonal picture!

of course he would take pics of the road and tunnel!!

Bless his heart...Ben tried to take a pic of himself

someone finally helped him out!

I dont want to ask him if he took this while driving!

When Ben got back to the hotel he found me at the pool reading.  We went back to the room & ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  We took our time and then took our time getting ready to go to Hanauma Bay (yes, I took a shower to go get in the ocean.  daily showers are a must w/ my hair...sorry!).

Hanauma Bay is a Nature Preserve & supposedly one of the best snorkeling locations on the island.  We had to pay $7 (maybe 8?) to get in and then watch a video about taking care of the preserve.  One of the big rules is to NOT touch the coral (with hand, feet, any part of body, or fins).  After watching the video, we walked the 100 feet down to the beach.  It was crowded, but beautiful!  I wish we had had more time to just BE at that beach, but we were there to snorkel!  We didnt take our camera down to the beach, so all the pictures are from the top after we got back up.

So, when we got to the beach we parked our stuff under a tree and headed out to the water.  Remember how we were going to snorkel on Monday and the people said that it was bad conditions?  Well, we didnt call, but I am going to guess that Thursday was not a good day either.  From what we have heard, May is just not calm water on the South and East sides.  Hanauma Bay is on the Southern East side!

I am SO glad that we got to snorkel at Shark's Cove on Wednesday...otherwise, I might not would have tried again after Thursday!!!  The waves were large, so I told Ben that I wanted to hold onto him the whole time.  So, we tried holding hands for most of it.  The coral is neat & everywhere, but it poses a problem b/c you cant just "come up" when you want to b/c the coral is just a foot or so under you at most points.  The current was so strong that it was hard to see what we wanted to see.   I would kick SO hard and not go ANYWHERE, and then a wave would come and catapult me 10 feet forward all of the sudden.  It was impossible to stop and look at anything that we saw.  We saw some really pretty fish, though!

At one point, we saw a sea turtle & I squeezed onto Ben's had harder b/c I got nervous (remember, I dont want them to bite me!).  Well, because of the waves, the water forced me where I was right ON TOP of the turtle.  Seriously...I thought I was about a foot above him, but Ben said it was more like 6 inches.  I PANICKED and was afraid that he would want to come up.  So, I dropped Ben's hand and took off.  When I finally started going somewhere, I got away quickly.  All of the sudden,  I feel Ben grab my ankle!  HAHA!  We find a deeper sandy spot to come up & he is laughing at me.

We had been out about 45 minutes...and what a HARD 45 minutes it was!!!!  I was worn out!!  I was having problems with the nose on my goggles and had taken in quite a bit of saltwater.  One time when I came up to adjust, I went to put my goggles back on and a wave came and a inhaled about 10 cups of water.  I thought I was dying!!!  I started gagging and seriously thought "what happens if I throw up in the water?"  But, I didnt and I got my goggles on and we continued on.

The NEXT time we came up, I was just taking water in the nose of my goggles like crazy!  I had swallowed a TON of it and my face was on FIRE from inhaling it earlier.  I finally looked at Ben and said "I hate this" and MIGHT have started crying.  I was miserable!!!!  So, Ben was very kind to head back in with me.  We actually didnt have TOO much longer that we could have stayed b/c of the rental car. 

So, we rode a little bus back to the top (it costs .75 to ride it down and 1.00 to ride it up...someone was smart on tha pricing!!) and got the camera to get these shots.

the hike down

it LOOKS so calm here!

The Bay

The little shuttle trucks

We left Hanauma Bay and got a TAD lost, but found our way to Snorkel Bob's.  We turned our gear in and drove onto the car rental place.  We got there RIGHT at 5, turned in our car (filled with sand, oops!), and walked back to the hotel.  We dropped some stuff off at the room and took our double beach towel & books down to the beach.  We read until it was too dark to see well and then went back to the room.  We had agreed that we would do a cheap-er easy dinner. 

I am SO not one of those girls who can go to the beach & still look pretty!  My face gets all red and my hair is a mess.  I was headed to take a shower and realized that my hair was OK since I had left it down after Hanauma Bay.  So, I just took a body shower, put on a MINIMAL ammt of makeup, and added some hairspray to the wave in my hair.  It turned out super cute.

but this is not a great cant really see the wave.
We walked a couple of door down from our hotel and ate at a little sports bar.  The food was OK...but the service stunk!  Our waiter was having some sort of fight with a table of 12 people sitting near us.  It was interesting people watching, and of course Ben noticed none of it...other than the fact that the people were loud.
After dinner, we walked around Waikiki for a while and then headed in to bed!

We were ready for 30th Birthday!!!!

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