Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh Grill, Where Are Thou?

I decided to shake things up this Friday and join in with Kelly's Korner and her Show Us Your Life blog hop about great grilling recipes.  But, you know that I cant get to the recipes without a story (ah, The Next Food Network Star judges would be so proud!)

Growing up we grilled out quite a bit.  As I mentioned in the previous did the grilling.  We had steaks, potatoes, and garlic most Sat nights.  When I was in college George Foreman had come out with his indoor "grill" and it was all the rage.  I couldnt afford one on my own, sigh.  The semester that I was doing my student teaching , I was living with my roommates family in Lubbock.  THEY had a knock-off one and I used it ALL the time!!  I love to cook, but they did not, so I think I used their kitchen more than they did!!!  I LOVED it!!!  This was my last semester in college and we were getting married the month after I I was living with them in the prime of my wedding prep/shower time.  Remember that Ben's parents live in Lubbock and we were going to the church that he preached (preaches) they gave us a shower.  (And can we just pause in gratitude for that shower...OH.MY.GOODNESS...I was speechless afterward.) The family I was living with knew that I loved looking at my registry and seeing what people had purchased...I would run in and update them accordingly.  One item that was NOT purchased was the $99 George Foreman family size grill. 

I registered for it, but figured that I would end up using gift cards for it.  However, the night before my shower, I run into the living room with my hands held high and yell "SOMEONE BOUGHT THE GEORGE!!!!"  I didnt find out until the shower the next day that it was THEM who had bought the George and they were holding back their laughter at my excitement!  That grill got more use than anything else in my kitchen.  We LOVED it. 
So, we moved into our house in November and for our anniversary the next year, we got each other a gas grill.  Poor George made his way to the top of the pantry and stayed there until he was given to someone who needed him. 

We use that grill ALL of the time!!!!  And I do mean ALL of the time...rain, shine, snow, Summer, Winter, Fall, & Spring.  All of the time that is until this Spring when it broke.  It was SUCH a sad day.  I had a lot of my cousins over for our "cousin sleepover" and we had spent MANY MANY hours shopping in Canton.  Our plan was to come home and grill hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.  I like to mix and form my own patties, so I had taken time to get them all ready and Ben goes to start the grill and comes back in and says "the grill is broken."  I of course think he's joking but soon find that he is serious...some pipe was totally corroded and it wouldnt work.  Luckily, our GREAT friends, Tim & Leah, were out of town and we were feeding their dogs for them.   So, I called Leah, just to be sure it was OK (even though I knew it would be) and Ben and cousin Jacob took the pans of burgers & hot dogs plus our lighter and grill utensils down to Tim & Leah's to grill dinner for the night.

Of COURSE our grill would break in the middle of our expensive fertility treatments.  Of COURSE our grill would break at the beginning of "grilling season" when grills are NOT on sale.  So, since then we have been grill-less and I die a little inside when I smell other people's grills going.  I dont want to cook steaks b/c I feel like I am waisting them cooking them inside.  SIGH.  We are waiting for them to go on clearance at the end of the Summer to get a good deal on one...and in the meantime, I continue to die inside. :(

On that note...let's get to some recipes!!  I am one of those "throw everything in" kind of people...but dont be scared if you are not...just go with it, mix and mash and have a good time!!  I love that I dont have to PLAN to grill necessarily...if I forgot to prep anything or thaw anything the night before, I know that I can defrost something, throw some seasoning on it, grill it and serve with veggies for a healthy dinner that night.

3 Ingredient Pork Loin
-1 pork loin
-Montreal Steak Seasoning (found in the spices section)
-pepper jelly (found with the jellies...usually green)
I usually put a little olive oil on the pork loin and then give it a GOOD RUB of the seasoning.  I end up using like a third of the container on one pork loin.  You want it to be GOOD and covered.  Grill.  When it's almost finished, take the pepper jelly and melt/heat it in the microwave until it's pourable. Brush some onto the pork on the grill and let it sugar a little.  When you bring the pork in, pour the rest of the jelly on, cut, serve, and enjoy!!!!

Ranch Pork Chops (can use on chicken, too, but the pork holds the flavor SO well!)
-trimmed pork chops (I usually use boneless)
-olive oil
-dry ranch dressing packet
Place the pork chops in a large kitchen baggie and pour in some olive oil and then some ranch mix.  Marinade for a while and then grill.  YUMM!

We love these next 2...they are both stuffed peppers...we use our Pampered Chef grilling is a more healthy option and one more creamy:

Creamy Stuffed Peppers
-red bell peppers (are what we prefer, but we've also used banana, poblano, and green bell peppers)
-sour cream
-cream cheese
-grated cheese
-shredded chicken (I just boil it)
-green chili's
Just mix the ingredients above until you have a good mix that not too juicy...pretty lumpy with the chicken and cheese.  Stuff them into a pepper that you cut the top off of and hallowed out and grill until the pepper in nice and roasted.  This is similar to what I use in chicken enchiladas...its just served in a pepper.

Stuffed Peppers
-black beans
-green chili's
Again, just mix until you have a nice balanced mixture (I always end up with a TON and just put the rest back to eat on for lunch during the week).  Stuff it into the peppers...grill & enjoy!

For my Hamburgers, I mix in some cracker crumbs and an egg so that they dont crumble and then throw in some salt, pepper, garlic, BBQ sauce, jalapenos, Tony Chacheres, Worsch sauce, liquid smoke, and what ever else suits my fancy!

For my Ribs, I mix a marinade of BBQ sauce, liquid smoke, Worsch sauce, ketchup, mustard, grape jelly (yes...try it...I use it in ANYTHING with a BBQ flavor!) or apple jelly, brown sugar, salt, pepper, minced garlic, garlic powder, Tony's, onion powder, chili powder, Cayenne pepper, whiskey (if I have it) and other random kitchen items...then marinate the meat as long as possible before throwing it on the grill...add extra BBQ sauce to make it more BBQ than just flavored.  SO GOOD. Dont be scared...just try it...I've never had one turn out bad. (I do similar mixtures to this for my brisket in the crock pot, just using more liquid smoke)

Other things we love to grill:
I like to coat my chicken in olive oil and a dill seasoning mix (mine is from Pampered Chef) for a simple herb-y fancy looking chicken. Ben used to work in a heart healthy restaurant in Lubbock and was in charge of grilling the chicken there.  So, he takes pride in his grilled's always moist and cooked perfectly! 

We also REALLY like the pre-marinated beef fajita packs that you can buy at the stores...grill it up for some YUMMY beef fajitas or eat it on anything!

I also keep a good supply of the McCormick's marinade packets (found with the chili packs and such)...they are REALLY good and typically only use oil (I use olive) and water.  Great for in a pinch. 

We love to peel a pineapple & coat it in cinnamon sugar and throw that puppy on the grill

I wrap corn on the cob in foil and throw in pats of butter, salt, pepper, chili powder, Tony's, garlic powder, and onion powder and then throw those on the grill before and while the meat is cooking.

Stuff jalapeno with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, secure with toothpick, and grill.  YUMM.

When all else fails...just throw some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Tony's, chili powder, and Cayenne pepper on ANY meat & grill it up and enjoy!! (notice a pattern with those spices...I seriously use them in EVERYTHING I Cook)

I hope you found something new to try...what is YOUR fave grilling recipe?  Head over to Kelly's Korner, join in the blog hop, and get more great ideas.  Dont be afraid to throw stuff in and make up your own!


Moore Memories said...

I don't even know what half of these things are...can I have cooking lessons?

Kristina said... long as I can have a sewing lesson!!!! (and Holly...can we just talk about how far you've come? when we first moved here I remember driving and talking about browning beef and you didnt even know how to do that!!)

Leah said...

Our grill is about broke too! One of the pipes is corroded so we can only use one side of the grill. Can't wait for grills to go on sale either!!!

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