Thursday, July 1, 2010

Editing Fun

Just some fun I had the other day.  I did these on a SIMPLE editing program.  Oh, to be so lucky to have photo shop or lightroom!!!  I love these pics b/c of the colors & vibrant blues from the ocean, but it was fun to play with it and either make them more dull or brighter. 

Anyway, enjoy!

Pensacola Beach-Christmas 2009
(using my mom's Canon Rebel...but with we couldnt see what they were going to look like)

Oh sisters!  They were saving my spot while I set up this next shot:

Sister, KK, & Feff

real?...or fake?

Love this guy!

I didnt know he had thrown his thumb up until after we developed the pics!

The fam

Popples, Nanna, & their precious

Bryson-3 year old photo shoot w/ KK:

Pensacola Beach-Christmas 2008:

apparently we laugh a lot on the beach

Random sister shot that we love:
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