Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That's Not Normal?

So, I've been writing this post in my head for a day or 2 now, but the task for today (Day 2:  Write a list) got me thinking about how to turn it into a list...and actually got me to WRITE it and not just think about it.

I was talking to my little sister, Feff on Sunday.  I love her to pieces...we are SO similar and drove us nuts when we were growing up, but is OH SO MUCH fun now.  She actually called me, but my phone didnt tell me that...and I called her like 10 minutes later not knowing that she had called.  We tend to send the same Birthday cards to people, say/think the same things, have the same since of humor, and just laugh WAY too much when we are together or when we talk.  LOVE HER.

We got to talking about things in our lives growing up that seem SO normal, but when we start talking about it out loud...people look at us like we are INSANE.  We didn't know that these things weren't normal.  We started laughing about some of them SO hard that my makeup was beyond gone by the time the conversation was over.  Some of these may be family related and some may be due to the fact that we grew up in small town Louisiana.

Top Things That I Thought Were Normal:

  1. My mom mowed the grass & manned the grill.  Every time.
  2. We owned a flying lawn mower (like, it had no wheels and hovered-this is what hot us going on the phone...it was so normal, didnt everyone have one?  Ben still doesnt believe me)
  3. The Summer of the "killer-pillers"
  4. People wearing camo to church (check out The Duck Commander on the Outdoor channel...THEY were just "normal" parts of our childhood & could be their own number on here.)
  5. People coming to school (and church) will dead animals in the backs of trucks
  6. I have a callick (or what I just found out was not called COW-LICK) on the inside of my right ankle...I seriously thought everyone had one!
  7. Sitting at the table at my grandparents house in AR and thinking NOTHING of the fact that my grandfather opens a window and shoots birds with his bee-bee gun
  8. Playing with squirrel tails (while the rest of it was being cooked for stew for dinner)
  9. The ham-hock in the basket of play toys at my grandparents...that we PLAYED with
  10. Fuzzy wall paper (at both out house and my grandparents)
  11. brown bath water
  12. seeing a snake and then mom going out in steel toe boots and a hoe to take care of it...
  13. or my MaMa who weed-ate a mouse in a trap (weed-ate?  is it still weed-eat if it's in the past?  weed-eated?)
  14. That my family would know what I meant when I said:
    -my hippo hurt or my buckle hurt
    -der mind
    (#14 is all for Feff...love you Feffy!!)
What about you...what are some things you grew up with that just seemed normal to your family or where you grew up?  Ever start telling a story that seems normal and see the looks on people faces & realize that something may not be right about your story?!?!?


Natalyia said...

SO funny! I love the one about the mouse in the trap!!!

Loni said...

I love my sister too, we are super close like that, but I do have to tell you. Fuzzy wallpaper is definitely not normal, sorry! :)
Cute list!

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