Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday in Hawaii

Tuesday: Breakfast, helicopter, lunch, Waimea, shrimp truck!!

So, Tuesday was the day I had been looking forward to FOR-EVER!! It was helicopter day!!!!! We had to be at the tip top of Oahu at the Turtle Bay Beach Resort at 10:00...so it was an early morning. The breakfast place that we had tried on Monday said that between 6:30 and 7:30 there was no wait...so we got there around 7. We were told that it would take an hour and a half to get there, but we didnt know about traffic...so we played it safe and gave ourselves a little more than 2 hours.

We left the hotel and walked to Eggs and Things where I had macadamia nut pancakes and a bacon, potato, cheese omelet. The omelet took up a WHOLE oblong/oval plate. I ate less than half of both!! Ben ordered strawberry and whipped cream pancakes w/ macadamia nuts. I wish I had taken pics...they were beautiful! But, it was super close quarters, so we put the camera down and didnt get it out. After breakfast we walked back to the hotel to get the car & drove up to the North Shore.

We got to the North Shore and went into the Turtle Bay resort. HOLY COW. It was so super nice and HUGE. We got there about 30 minutes early, so we were able to go down to the "beach" to take some pics. It was not the "beach" but a more rocky area. We had fun with the timer on the camera!!

At 10:30 we headed back to the helicopter place, went to the bathroom, watched them take the doors off the helicopter...yes, doors off...went over safety, and went to load up! Then, it started raining. BOO! But, we had learned to just wait it out and it would change in 10 minutes. So, soon we were ready to load for good! Since it was doors off, they suggested we wear sweatshirts.

(The Turtle Bay resort...Ben and I decided that we WOULD come back here and stay sometime!)

I couldnt imagine, but it did get chilly. We had to wear life vests (which freaked me out!), pulled my hair back, and climbed in. I guess I dont really know what I was thinking, but I was envisioning like a "windowless" side, but with a side that still comes part of the way up. NOPE. It's like you are in the seat and the OPEN AIR is 3 inches to your side!!!!! Ben and I were in the back and the pilot and one other guy were in the front.

We put on our headphones and started her up. We checked out microphones, but we didnt use them b/c everyone could hear what was said. Y'all, this was insane...if I relaxed my knee and let it fall, it would be outside of the helicopter!!! We got some AMAZING shots of a LOT of stuff on the island. It was very foggy, so it made for a bumpy ride at times. But, it was cool to be in & out & above & under the clouds. We missed seeing Sacred Falls b/c of the fog...we couldnt get back into the valley...but we saw a couple of other water falls.
Shrimp farms...will be important later in the post!!

The Mormon Temple

Why, yes, Ben...we CAN move here. Thanks for asking!!!

Coral under the water


all of that is under water!

Gilligan's Island

The H-3...the most expensive Hwy in the world!

Waikiki w/ Diamond Head in the background

Coming to Pearl Harbor

We also saw Waikiki beach, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation, Gilligans Island & a lot of other things! One GORGEOUS part was flying through the valley/mountains where they have filmed many things like Jurassic Park, Lost, and other stuff that I couldnt tell what he was saying. I got a video during this time and it turned out cool b/c he tilted the copter down where I was facing the ground while I was filming and you can see the blades in the video. I also videoed coming in for the landing.
Subs (underwater) at Pearl Harbor

USS Missouri
I could have taken pics of Pearl Harbor ALL DAY! I am SO glad that we saw it aerially the day before seeing it in person. Seeing it from the air, it took a minute to realize that that SHIP was under the water. You can see it SO clearly (laying perpendicular until the memorial). From the ground, you can tell that there is stuff down there, but you cant see the whole ship.

The USS Arizona
The oil still leaks daily...it's flowing towards the USS MO
Those other "spots" are markers where other ships went down.

Look at the oil
With the USS MO in the background

Here is the video taken from the famous mountains & valleys that they use in a lot of movies:

Waimea from the sky.

We ended up "parking" our towells on the other side of that little break in the beach

This may be Sunset Beach...also famous for surfing

Oh, Ben...if you INSIST, you can buy this house for me, too!

We had to get out w/ the propellers still spinning...made me more nervous than the doors being off!

After the tour was over, we decided to stay at Turtle Bay and eat lunch. We went to Ola's a little grill on the beach. It was another open air restaurant and out table was RIGHT on the beach. These pics were taken from our table.

I'm gonna need a room like this in my house please...thanks!!

While we were looking for the restaurant...it of course started raining.  We walked through the HUGE parking lot into the hotel.  We looked like drowned rats!!!  We had to go to the bathroom and wipe off.  Only to find out that the restaurant was down the hill.  It had stopped raining, but we were still damp!

After lunch we ran back into the hotel and changed into our swim suit. The helicopter pilot said that Waimea looked like a great beach to go to that day...so we did! Waimea is a very famous beach. It is the one that they do surfing competitions at. The North Shore beaches are known for their HUGE waves...they wont start a competition until the waves are 30 feet high. However, because of the time of year that it is...the North Shore is actually the CALMEST side of the island. So, we headed to Waimea to hang out at the beach and do some snorkeling.

See the guys jumping off the rock?  They have to pass a sign that says "do not jump" in order to jump off!!  Ben didnt jump.

This sand was SO random. It was SUPER sticky...so different that that at Waikiki. It stuck to EVERYTHING and you could NOT just brush it off. The better snorkeling was at the far side of the beach...so we hiked over there. GOODNESS. We had a great time snorkeling...it was a good "practice" day b/c we didnt see many fish, but we had fun floating around and getting used to everything.

The wind was blowing hard this day...the beach was on a sand and the wind would blow over the top and THROW sand all over us. It hurt so bad!!!! At one point...we were joking about living in Lubbock again...but this was worse. It was truly painful. Sand was EVERYWHERE.

We went back to the hotel and sand was piled up ALL OVER the bathroom floor. Take a look at my hair at the end of he day:

I think it took ALL WEEK to get all of that sand out. We never saw any sand like that the rest of the trip.

We were gross and sticky...but I was DETERMINED to eat at the famous North Shore Shrimp Trucks. We decided to drive back to Waikiki on the other side of the island (the East side). We were TOLD that it only took about 2 hrs to drive around it...umm...not so much, but that's OK.

So, we headed North to hunt down Giovannis. And we found it!!!!!!!!

I ate an AMAZING garlic shrimp scampi & Ben ate a Shave Ice (and crackers/cheese that were in the car). Poor seafood hating thing...but he knew that these shrimp trucks were my dream, so he sacrificed. They DID have garlic hot dogs, but they were cooked in the same water, so Ben wasnt interested.

We LOVED not being on a time schedule this day! We were hanging loose and drove by several things and had to turn around.

The Mormon Temple from the ground

Ben's company has this "bag" that they take on vacations and take pictures with it. We always forget it...but we remembered this time. Ben graduated from Texas Tech and their mascot is the "red raiders." There are a lot of Tech graduates at his company. When we saw this we started joking that we should take the "bag picture" in front of it. So, we did! Ben got his "guns up."

Later on down the road...we saw a pretty beach and decided to pull in and take pics. PTL that we did. We saw the most GORGEOUS scene, large waves, and stupid people surfing them. It was beautiful...I just wanted to break into song praising the Lord, but I didnt. Here are some pics:

This was the scene behind us!

I took a MILLION pics trying to get that moment that the water starts washing away the foot prints. 
This is as close as we got.

It got VERY dark and VERY late. It took us FOREVER to get back to the hotel...but thanks to some top rate map reading skills...we made it!!!! Can we talk about the maps of Ohau that we had?  My goodness?!?!  It's a miracle that we got anywhere.  But, we managed as best we could...old school style...no GPS.  We never had to stop for directions, so that's a good sign, right?

What a fun day Tuesday was!!!!!!!!!  Wednesday was another early morning and long day ending on the North Shore.  We've decided that we need to move there.  You guys can come visit!

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