Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday in Hawaii

Sunday-Free Breakfast, Wyndam, Waikiki beach, Luau:
Sunday we woke up bright and early and dressed and headed back over to Shore Birds. That is where we had breakfast. It was a buffet and free for us!! We had a seat right at the windows and were greeted by a BEAUTIFUL rainbow!!!! It was GORGEOUS!!!

After we ate, we went and met with the Wyndham guy and wasted 2 of his hours. We really like Wyndham, but obviously cant afford ANYTHING extra right now...especially not a $19,000 time share on Oahu! I didnt say anything, but Ben threw down the infertility card.
The guy was great and once he understood our situation he left us alone. We DO hope to have Wyndham point SOMEDAY...but for now, not so much.

After that, we went back to the room and changed to head down to the beach. We spent a few hours laying on the beach, reading, and hanging out in the water. It was AWESOME!!! We didnt have too long, though, because we had to be at the Luau shuttle at 4PM.

After the beach, we headed back to shower and get ready for a fun night!! We found our shuttle and headed out to Germain's Luau on the West side of the island. Our shuttle ride was interesting. We were behind a couple that made us laugh. The old man felt the need to point out every obvious thing like "there's a Home Deopt" and "Wal-Mart." Our guide sang a lot and had everyone else amped up...Ben and I just sat in the back and laughed.
When we got to the luau, we had our picture taken in front of the beach and headed to the gift shop to get our free gift for booking online. WOO-HOO. We got 2 backpacks w/ water bottles, playing cards shaped like surf boards, and a note pad. SCORE! We got soft drinks and saved a table for ourselves. We then headed out to watch them dig up the pig.

After seeing the pig get take out, we used 2 of our 6 tickets and had a Blue Hawaiian and a Mai Tai while we waited to go through the dinner line. Dinner was mediocre, but a good experience. They had salad, pasta/potato salad (mixed?), fried Mahi-Mahi, frien chicken, some strange clear noodle & chicken that I couldnt stomach, beef teryiaki, and this jello made out of coconut milk & chocolate cake for dessert. We got some soda and water to go with our meal. Then the show began!

During the show we added a strawberry daiquiri and a rum punch. We were playing w/ the settings on our camera and got a lot of blurry pics, but there were some good ones that came out.

After the show, we headed back to our bus where we were sung to again...but this time there were plenty of drunk people to sing along (not us!!).
We got back to the hotel and crashed into bed!!

So, remember that I like to people watch? Well, there was this gem of a woman on our bus. I noticed her when we got off...Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts pulled up too high, socks & sandals, crooked visor, and fanny pack (in ALL fanny pack glory!!!). When I saw her I told Ben "I can only hope to be just like her when I grow up" (it's our little joke phrase). She was sitting in the front of the tables and was "actively involved" in the whole thing. At one point, the introduced the bus drivers & when ours walked on stage my "friend" was standing and waving like a mad woman. Bless. Well, during the luau, they call the girls up to practice and learn how to hula. I didnt go up, but my little friend did and stood FRONT AND CENTER. I fell bad (a little) but I got a video that is PRICELESS!!! (later in the show she was back up there and they had them facing the back and were practicing the booty shake and going faster and faster...I refrained from videoing this. It was almost sad. I have repented, but wanted to share anyway:

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Kate said...

I've never wanted to go to Hawaii because the flight would be SO LONG but after seeing your pictures and hearing about your time I'm thinking maybe the flight wouldn't be that long...

We celebrate 15 years next year...maybe we ought to get to saving.

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