Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday...getting to Hawaii

I am going to post about each day in Hawaii...on the corresponding day this week.   I was trying to group them into 2 or 3 days, but they were getting here is the first!

Let me start by saying that we didnt get to bed until 4AM Friday night!!  That's right, 4AM!  We got home late from work b/c we were trying to get ready to be gone for a week.  I worked on invitations for a friend's baby shower that I had to get finished before we left.  We then ran to get something to eat, ran to Bass Pro, and then to Wal-Mart.  Bass Pro?  Yes, they had a big sale that started that day.  We have been wanting to get a tent and had gift cards waiting to see a good sale.  So, they had some large tents on sale but they were first come first we had to get there!  We got one and only paid $12 for is!!  Then we went to Wal-Mart to get some last minute items and some snacks for the plane.  When we got home we had to START packing, but luckily, the laundry was done.  We were also picking up and getting things ready for my friend Lauren to stay in the house while we were gone.  She is one of my friends from work that I adore and she took care of Rustee and the house for the week.  Ben was taking care of paying bills and started something for work around 2AM.  YIKES!!  At least it wasnt an EARLY flight! 

Saturday-Getting There, Dinner, BED:
Saturday our flight was at 1PM...Tim picked us up to take us to the airport at 10AM.  So, we got up, got ready, finished stuffing our suitcases, got clean sheets on the beds, ran & unloaded the dishwasher, and ran out the door. 

It takes about an hour to get to DFW, so we headed out early.  I dont think we have EVER had an easier check-in at ANY airport!  Tim dropped us off, we went up the escalators, checked in at the little kiosk, weighed and checked in our bags, and went through security...ALL IN 6 MINUTES.  Yes, you read that right...SIX MINUTES after Tim dropped us off, we were behind security.  So, then we ate a big meal b/c we knew that we wouldnt get a meal for more than 8 hours. 

Our flight was 8 hours.  YUCK!  There were 2 aisles on the plane, and we had only our 2 seats on our side of the plane.  I had the window and watched us leave the coast of CA and head over the ocean.  We got to the Honolulu airport at 9PM Dallas time, but it was only 4PM Hawaii time.  We had a shuttle service pick us up and we talked to the driver about restaurants and things to do.                          
Our hotel was the Imperial Hawaiian at Waikiki.  We were in a 1 bedroom 2 bathroom unit on the 25th floor.  We had a great view of the ocean!!  We were literally right across the street from the ocean.  Our hotel was older and the room was small, but we really didnt care...


We had such a great location!  Our hotel is marked with the A in the pic below.  We just had to walk across the street and through a hotel or an alley to get there.  We loved the beach area in front of the park on the left side of the picture.  If you look closely, you will see that the Trump tower is at the top in the middle.  It was just a block away from us.  In a row was our hotel, the Mariott, and then Trump.  If that location is good enough for TRUMP, then by golly, it's good enough for me!!!!!

The coolest part of our room...
It had a MURPHY BED!!!!!!!!

Some pics from our room:
And from the roof of the hotel:
Our first order of business...dinner.  Our shuttle driver mentioned that Roy's right across the street was great.  We headed over there at 7:15 Hawaii time.  They could not seat us until 8:45.  Dang.  So, he also suggested a couple of restaurants in the Outrigger Hotel across the street...right on the ocean.  So, we headed over there and were walking up to the restaurants when a guy stops us.  He was at the Wyndham desk and of course we were too nice to ignore him and keep walking!  He was nice, though (arent they all?!?!),
and we of course signed up for a 2 hr "showing" of their Wyndham property.  BUT, we got $100 of gift certificates to be used at MANY restaurants on the beach that had been recommended to us.  We signed up for early the next morning...we had no plans, and figured we would be up early b/c of the jet lag.  We were already DRAGGING since it was midnight Dallas time.  So, with the tour we got a free buffet breakfast on the beach and a 2 for 1 coupon for a catamaran sailing tour.  So, we did it.  And then put our name into dinner at Shore Birds. 
Shore Birds is right on the beach and is an open air restaurant.  The wall on the beach side just opens right up to the beach.  It was GORGEOUS!!  This is one of those restaurants where you cook your own food.  I ordered a steak/mahi-mahi combo and Ben got teriyaki chicken with pineapple salsa.  They have a large salad bar and then they bring you a big plate of raw meat.  You walk it over to a grill, season it yourself, and grill it.  It was fun and good, but I cook it...I made it good.  Hmm...It was a fun environment, though.  We left when the karaoke started...we were TOO TIRED to deal with that!  We walked on the beach for 2 seconds and literally fell into bed. 

A funny story:  I am a people's just what I do.  I think it goes w/ my profession, right?  Well, when we were at the airport I told Ben that I will find random people to "watch" and those people always end up sitting by me or just keep reoccurring in my trips.  He thought I was crazy.  It ALWAYS happens, though.  I guess I just never say anything.  So, I THOUGHT it was going to be this group of 5 women in their 60s who were all dressed EXACTLY the same.  They were...interesting?  But, it wasnt them.  There was this old couple that I noticed b/c the man had on a green striped polo, khaki shorts, WHITE compression socks pulled up to his knees, and those Velcro hiking sandals.  Awesome, no?  I told Ben that I want him to grow up to be that man!!!  They were at our gate, so we knew they were going to Hawaii, but we didnt see them for the rest of the flight.  We didnt see them until dinner...while we were waiting on out table we saw them walk by.  Ben didnt notice, but I punched him and told him.  We also saw them on Sunday at our Luau.  We saw them later in the week on the beach.  How did we know it was them?  Well, the man had on shorts and WHITE compression socks EVERY time we saw them.  BLESS.  Anyway, that's just a random story about things that happen to me & in my head!!

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