Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday in Hawaii

Monday-Car, Snorkel Bobs, Manoa Falls,  Dinner, BED:
 Monday we slept in a LITTLE and headed out to eat breakfast at Eggs & Things.  Our plans were:  breakfast, pick up the car, get our snorkel gear from Snorkel Bob's, hike Diamond Head, eat lunch, and head to Hanauma Bay which is supposed to have THE BEST snorkeling.  This is when we learned to "just Hang Loose" the Hawaiian way!!  We had to get our rental car at 10AM.  It was 9 and there was a LONG we started walking to the rental car place and figured we would see somewhere to eat.  Well, we found the car place before breakfast and found that there was a LONG we decided to stand in it. 
We got our car sometime after 10 and headed to Snorkel Bob's and figured we could grab a quick bite and head out.  When we picked our snorkeling equipment for the week, they said that the East and South sides of the island were NOT good for snorkeling that day and especially not Hanauma Bay.  Hang Loose, right?!?! 

Well, it was about lunch we went to eat at a place called Pookah Dogs, where I had HEARD there were good hamburgers...well, I think we were at the wrong place b/c this was a walk up hot dog we kept walking.  We ended up at Da Big Kahuna and shared a REALLY GOOD hamburger and onion rings.  The hamburger was seasoned WONDERFULLY and had pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a pineapple on the top!!!  YUMMY!!!  After we ate, we walked around the market and decided that we would come back later.  Over lunch, we altered ALL of our plans!!! 
Since it was so late and we wernt headed out to snorkel, we decided to hike Manoa Falls that day.  So, since we WERE going to hike and snorkel, we wore our swimsuits.  Ben of course was fine.  My swimsuit (for that day) was a pair of shorts and a top more like a tank top.  I threw an LSU shirt on and wore tennis shoes and socks.  It was HOT!  We headed to Manoa Falls, which is in the valley/rain forest. 

We actually first ended up at the arboretum and took a BEAUTIFUL trail to a lookout over the valley.  Little did we know that we would need to conserve our energy for later that day!!  

Did I mention that I was already nursing blisters on the bottoms of my feet?!?!?  Well, maybe a pedicure the day before sandy beaches wasnt the best idea!!!!  OOPS!!!

After the Arboretum, we headed down to the entrance to the trail.  Ben dropped me off and drove down the hill to the car.  At the entrance to the falls, we see a fire truck!!  I hear the guy say something about they were unsure of the situation, but that they had sent a crew in.  An ambulance and police car drove up as well.
However, they were still letting people start the hike.  So, we did!!  We had a book and Ben was given a brochure that stated that the hike was .8 miles, easy, good for beginners, and virtually anyone could do it.  Less than a mile...MY FOOT!!!!!!! 

I wish I had a pedometer to measure how many steps we took.  Luckily as we were starting a little Japanese lady handed me a bamboo walking stick.  Everyone had one and we were wondering where they got them?!?!  We still dont know!  PTL (praise the Lord) for that little lady!!!!  That stick was SUCH a blessing for balance!!  We would get to the top of a little hill, there were MORE steps!!  The bottom and middle was a lot of trails and steps. 
It was misting quite a bit and sprinkling at times.  Towards the top, it was more like rock climbing!!  As we were near the middle, we could hear a care-flight helicopter at the was so loud at times that we had to yell to each other!!  We were HOPING that we close to the top and picked up our pace to see it.  NOPE.  Little did we know that we still had a LONG way to go!!!!  Towards the top, I had to get over keeping clean and hat to sit, climb, and use the rocks to get up.  It was so slippery! 

But, WE MADE IT!!!!! 

We were POOPED when we got to the top.  And, of course it started a DOWNPOUR at that point!!!  We got a few pics of the fall, and then put the camera away.  We were worried about the top of our camera bag not being waterproof (it was raining SO SO SO hard!!!), so I took my tee shirt off and we used it for more protection.  Sacrifices, right?!? Coming down we were SO muddy and gross!  There was mud up to my knees and smeared on my face.  I am sure that people coming up were worried when they saw us coming down.  We just had to step in puddles no matter how deep they were. 

We were a mess...and we just laughed about it!! 


AFTER we finished the hike, we were walking down the road to our car and I twisted my ankle.  It hurt & brought tears to my eyes, but I was to stubborn to stop at that point and do anything.  My knee ended up nagging me for the rest of the week. 
We used our towels to dry off and get clean enough to get into the car.  We had our flip flops w/ us since we WERE going to go we took our wet shoes and socks off. 

On the drive back, we saw so many rainbows!!  It was so sunny at the beach and you couldnt even see the mountains b/c of the was beautiful!!!  

When we got back to the hotel, we rinsed off in the shower and headed to the beach for a few hours. 
After resting at the beach, we took showers and cleaned up to go to dinner.  We decided to try "The Ocean House" which was in the same hotel as "Shore Birds."  We had looked at the menu the night we ate at Shore Birds and decided that it looked WONDERFUL.  We didnt have to wait too long, and we were seated in the tables right by the open window/wall.  The seats were AMAZING!!! 

We ordered an "Aloha Berry" to share.  It was strawberries, pina colada, and amaretto blended together.  YUMM-O...SO GOOD!!

I guess there is a benefit to going to Hawaii and NOT being pregnant!!!

The pic to the left is the view from our table!

They claim to have the best prime rib on the beach & had 4 different ones to I ordered the Prime Rib New Orleans.  OH.MY.HEAVENS.  It was TO DIE FOR!!!!  Ben ordered another steak b/c he didnt want us both to get prime rib & it wasnt as good.  I didnt feel bad for him, though, because that was his fault!  I decided that night that this is where we were coming for my Birthday on Friday.  SO.GOOD.

After dinner, we walked on the beach holding hands. 

We played with the settings on the camera again and got some pretty shots!   
The restaurant from outside on the beach
I love this guy!!!!

I like the way these shadows came out.

Then, back to the hotel and BED...we had an EARLY morning to get ready for!!!!

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trooppetrie said...

my husband took me on a hike recently and it was not the mile long the sign said. i did not think i would make it. good job for continuing on

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